Motion Plus not connecting in TWS

Hey everyone. I have problem with my second/last Motion+ speaker. I bought few months ago one Motion+ speaker. I love it. On amazon yesterday i bought second to pair them into TWS. Before try to connect them i first updated fw. Now first speaker have 45.49 fw but second (newer) have 73.75 and i cant update first to 73.75…
I tried to connect them into TWS and only whats going its blinking white led on both.
I tried to unconnect it from android bt devices, i reset (vol+/bt) few times. I tried to connect first newer or older and then try tws option (bt 3-5 sec to blink white led) and nothing happen. What can i co?

This could be a problem of different hardware (versions)

Take a look at all the numbers you find on the speaker (package box).
I had the same problem with Flare mini and icon mini in the past

Why does this one sound familiar … I was thinking this is the same as another one…

Sometimes they may have an updated version and thus they can not play due to different firmware… Partycast if it had it would allow for several speakers to play at the same time…

I have the same Problem but just noticed this after the free returning Period. Is there any solution for this Problem or did I bought one Box for rubbish now?