Mono inputs for smaller speakers

Hello team,

Proposal: add 6,3 mm mono jack input for future Rave neo size speakers to allow wired, no latency stereo with two speakers.

Big soundcore speakers like Rave Plus or Rave Party 2 have a Microphone input. But there are no such inputs in smaller, like Rave Neo and Rave Neo 2.
Speakers like Rave neo could be really handy for buskers. Considering the weight and the power of these speakers, two Rave Neo + simple mixer could make a good stereo for small rooms or quiet streets. At the same time, each of them could be used as a Bluetooth speaker separately. Also it will allow to have a wired, no latency stereo system to watch movies.

Best regards,

For your proposal, it may be good to also contact Anker support and provide that info to them as they will and can give this information to the technical staff as needed.