MKBHD Covers Anker Prime Chargers

Who cares if the Samsung is an “iPad killer”? What matters most is how it charges and how you charge it.

Marques Brownlee, influencer and Anker partner, covers some products in our brand new Anker Prime charging line. Check it out. Let me know what you think of this line.

The charging power in this line is pretty remarkable.

Marques is one of the few influencers I can honestly say I can get behind on products he reviews.

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I haven’t tried that Samsung tablet but I recently got a 11" tablet and a 13" tablet, each with a magnetic connected keyboard and I returned the larger tablet as it was a floppy awkward mess.

Tablets work upto 11" but larger than that you need a rigid hinged laptop.

The convertible concept is where you add/remove keyboard and use the tablet in landscape or portrait and more use of a stylus. But convertible keyboard is a dangling thing with magnets not strong enough when you use larger than 11".

Travel chargers are an entirely different set of decisions. Your travel computer tends to be smaller to fit in a bag , on a aircraft seat small table, etc, so they need less powerful chargers which do need folding pins.

I’m about to do a 3 day trip and I’m taking my UK folding pin dual socket 33W charger with a convertible 11" tablet and a 20Ah Powercore, a short and a long USBC cable.

Android isn’t that brilliant either for landscape. I’ve used Android tablets for 11 years but this year I moved to Chromebook as it handles multitasking and landscape better while still running Android and Linux for those few apps which ChromeOS doesn’t do.

I think I am moving toward a few Chromebooks over the next few years for family. It will also be easier for oldest son to do school work with no issues.

Son has a laptop but he has bad luck with it at times. It had issues with loading and displaying the screen after an update. I can go in and undo the customized update and it loads but have not pinpointed the specific issue. Lol may end up being something simple

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You could create a bootable USB with LINUX and try this on the Laptop.
May be the issues with the display will dissapear.

If it’s a Windoze laptop which is getting old then just install Linux, typically Ubuntu although there’s versions like Mint which are more minimal.

Chromebooks are more idiot-proof with long support, if you were to want something which simply worked and nigh impossible to break (logically) then Chromebook is the ideal. There’s models $200 upwards.

My work laptop had Windows with a heap of security software making it slow and nigh impossible to use, so I installed a Ubuntu on a SD and I hit F12 at power-up to select Ubuntu.

I’m not sure why anyone would voluntarily choose an Apple product. I guess marketing works.

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That is I told him!
He should create a bootable stick and play around wiith.

By the way I like LINUX MINT much better than UBUNTU:grin:
Better GUi.

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I know. He has a great presence on camera and synthesizes information exceptionally well.