Mars II: Choose The Hue!

Nebula Mars II receives mixed initial reviews with the first 13 averaging out to 3.7 :star: via Amazon US.

I have issues withAdam Beans post, I used mine outside starting around 7. Yes it was still bright out but you can still see and make things out…while it’s not ideal, it still functions as it should. I also never had the app disconnect in the half dozen times I used it, nor did I experience any lag whatsoever. I chalk that up to whatever phone he was using and not a fault of the projector or app.

As for charging via a USB pack, that would be great. I’ll can imagine there is a adapter that would work and allow it to be charged while on the go.

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As a long time technology user/seller - this is one of the most impressive bits of kit I’ve ever purchased.

A couple of user tips:

  • Install the full Aptoide store onto the device to get access to more apps (not just Aptoide TV)
  • some Apps will look for Google Play account on the device so may not work
  • Install CHROME browser as it works brilliantly (and doesn’t look for Google Play!)
  • Even though i couldn’t get local TV apps in the App store, I was able to login and watch Live Tv via the browser perfectly
  • Also accessed my Google account via the browser and easily streamed movies i have stored in the Google Movie account - so Google music etc would be the same
  • You can manually set the brightness between Normal and Battery mode which is handy
  • I found the colour set to cool mode gave me the most desirable picture (personal preference)
  • Keyboard and mouse via USB worked great
  • Nebula control app on your phone is great once you have the hang of using it so make the effort
  • Im using in a 240v power region without any issue just changed the cord/plug (so can be used basically globally)

Look forward to others sharing their tips :slight_smile:


I would like to see more matte colors

Silver, maybe gray.

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@AnkerOfficial Will there be any deals soon for fall weather camping?

Is it possible to still get a 40% off code?

I went camping this past weekend with some friends and this would have been awesome to setup and have a movie night while camping and sitting next to a fire. Maybe a scary movie for the kids :smile:


black #1

2 and 3 are nice too, but 4 is out for me

The 40% off discount is a true benefit for the community fans. I’m sorry that we don’t offer this discount anymore. :cry: There’s a coupon that can reduce $70 off on the listing right now if that is of interest. There will be 30% off discount in the upcoming DOTD around the middle of September for UK fans! The community will post the details by then. :grin:

ahhhh… i missed reading this. Guess that answers my question.

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