Mars II: Choose The Hue!

if someone doesn’t use their code will you provide it to another member? :slight_smile: @ankerofficial I am SUPER keen to get one and provide a comprehensive review!

Thank you so much! We are look forward to hear from you!:grin:

Thank you for your always supporting! If I have some extra code I will definitely share with you.:innocent:

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Thank you for offering the Anker community a chance to get in on the new Mars II with a great price. I actually had my Amazon cart with the Mars II last night ready to order; however, I waited until this morning and unfortunately, the $100 off promotion had expired. I called customer service hoping I could get some help for my own error/procrastination, but it seemed to be out of their control :frowning: (You have an amazing customer service team, and I felt I received a quality of service that I was totally not expecting) I’m totally kicking myself right now, but upon reading and googling some more I at least found this community and the HUGE plethora of information about the Nebula products. Reviews are scarce for the Mars II and this place seems to have the most up to date information!

I’m on the road a lot as a general contractor and I give presentations to potential clients and stay away from home a fair amount, and I had no idea a product like yours existed. I’ve had with me a Sony laser pico projector, but it needed a perfect storm of light conditions to be usable. I would love to be able to try out the Mars II. I came across the product from the review on thewirecutter, and the ONLY reason why they didn’t give the original Mars the top pic was because as they were publishing, the Mars II was being released and the original Mars was being discontinued according to them.

I feel as if I’m too late yet again, but if you have another promotional code of any sort, please consider me. I am relatively tech savvy user, and have an appreciation for not just technology, but also design choices that lead to a pleasant user experience. I try to use modern tech to bring organization and planning to the chaos that is a typical construction site. I’ve come from a Casio laser hybrid to the Sony pico, and I feel each product has its flaws for my needs. It looks like the Mars may fit my needs very well and I would love to be able to provide any feedback. I may not have been able to get the Mars II just yet from my own mistake, but I’m glad I found this community and I hope I can provide some good contributions!

Thank you!

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We are all very much looking forward to your future involvement in the Community! So glad you came across it and welcome!

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We will regularly offer deals in the community, you can come across here more often!

I got my Mars II (Thanks for the code)! It’s a very capable little projector and I’m quite impressed.

I compared vs the Aaxa P5 (300 lumens, 720 p resolution) and the Viewsonic M1 (250 lumens, 854x480 resolution) - note these are cheaper projectors, but few portable projectors have battery life of >2-3 hours and >200 lumens.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Very good battery life - happily can watch 1 movie without any stress, and likely can get through 2 – I managed to get the 4 h quoted.
  2. Surprisingly good sound (I never heard the JBL version of the Mars I but this has quite good sound output, although not deep in bass, better than any other pico projector I used).
  3. I like the autofocus
  4. The streaming works well from Netflix, and Plex. I wish the Youtube app allowed me to log into my account so I can use my playlists
  5. I really like the compatibility with iOS Airplay - impressive and responsive.
  6. It seems quite good at 300 ANSI lumens . I’d have liked 500 lumens at this price point.
  7. Image quality is better than either of the projectors I compared with (better resolution than the Viewsonic M1, better color than Aaxa P5).
  8. Fan is audible but not bad once the movie starts playing and audio is playing. Fan is much less noticeable and whiny compared to the Aaxa P5, but louder than the Viewsonic M1 (although the Mars II is more expensive than either of these).
  9. Having the streaming apps built in with a nice speaker makes for overall more compact kit vs other portable projectors.

The MSRP is high on this but given the all in one and quality of build it’s a supportable cost. Even better with the discount codes that have been offered, and a no-brainer with the 40% code I got.


Thank you for your feedback!!! So you think the 300 ANSI lumens can already fit your need, right?

Nebula Mars II down to $429.99 (from $539.99).

No code needed!

300 lumens seems bright enough but the room does need to be quite dark for a good image. We’re taking this camping next week so I’ll see how it performs in the tent at dusk!

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You can check out my review Here I have pictures in both light and dark setting

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Nebula Mars II receives mixed initial reviews with the first 13 averaging out to 3.7 :star: via Amazon US.

I have issues withAdam Beans post, I used mine outside starting around 7. Yes it was still bright out but you can still see and make things out…while it’s not ideal, it still functions as it should. I also never had the app disconnect in the half dozen times I used it, nor did I experience any lag whatsoever. I chalk that up to whatever phone he was using and not a fault of the projector or app.

As for charging via a USB pack, that would be great. I’ll can imagine there is a adapter that would work and allow it to be charged while on the go.

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As a long time technology user/seller - this is one of the most impressive bits of kit I’ve ever purchased.

A couple of user tips:

  • Install the full Aptoide store onto the device to get access to more apps (not just Aptoide TV)
  • some Apps will look for Google Play account on the device so may not work
  • Install CHROME browser as it works brilliantly (and doesn’t look for Google Play!)
  • Even though i couldn’t get local TV apps in the App store, I was able to login and watch Live Tv via the browser perfectly
  • Also accessed my Google account via the browser and easily streamed movies i have stored in the Google Movie account - so Google music etc would be the same
  • You can manually set the brightness between Normal and Battery mode which is handy
  • I found the colour set to cool mode gave me the most desirable picture (personal preference)
  • Keyboard and mouse via USB worked great
  • Nebula control app on your phone is great once you have the hang of using it so make the effort
  • Im using in a 240v power region without any issue just changed the cord/plug (so can be used basically globally)

Look forward to others sharing their tips :slight_smile:


I would like to see more matte colors

Silver, maybe gray.

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@AnkerOfficial Will there be any deals soon for fall weather camping?

Is it possible to still get a 40% off code?

I went camping this past weekend with some friends and this would have been awesome to setup and have a movie night while camping and sitting next to a fire. Maybe a scary movie for the kids :smile:


black #1

2 and 3 are nice too, but 4 is out for me

The 40% off discount is a true benefit for the community fans. I’m sorry that we don’t offer this discount anymore. :cry: There’s a coupon that can reduce $70 off on the listing right now if that is of interest. There will be 30% off discount in the upcoming DOTD around the middle of September for UK fans! The community will post the details by then. :grin:

ahhhh… i missed reading this. Guess that answers my question.

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