Make RoboVac More Fun and Win a eufy Smart Scale (US only)


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I still doubt it will reach 150 :frowning2:


There’s no timeframe so why stress it? Once it hits they will choose a winner


Just submitted my application, we are one survey closer now lol


New way to make the robovac more fun. My robot vacuum that is not from Anker keeps on knocking out its own charging station…and due to that going out of the charge. I am planning to replace this when new and more fun Robovac comes out. :slight_smile:


May be robovac can double as a smart scale
You call the scale where ever you are :joy:


Cuz you ate too much food and can’t walk lol


Agreed that there should have been multiple options for question #1.


LOL I think I did it but I can not remember LOL


So sad this went nowhere :cry:


I just posted this on Twitter, Instagram. Hope to get some more users to provide the survey inputs


I would say, all members who have Social media presence, spread the word and get more users to fill the survey


It’s been so long since I first filled out this survey. Lurkers, come fill this out


Was not a very social media fan… But the rate at which things are picking up, may be matter of a day if Community Social media members post it to thier respective accounts…


The PowerCore 13000 with the dbrand skin you posted on IG is yours?


:+1:t2: that’s my design :grinning:


I was gonna say it looks dope :+1:


Thank you @ikari04warrior


Share on Reddit- it usually gets a few dozen extra entries.


I need to get a Reddit account soon :wink: