Magnetic cable?

I purchased the anker dock for Quest 2. It has a magnetic USB adapter that gets plugged into the headset and automatically connects when docked. Could you provide a magnetic USB cable that can be used to charge the headset off a power bank or somewhere when we’re not near the docking station?

I currently have to remove the magnetic USB adapter and hope that I don’t lose it. I tried buying a cable off Amazon and the magnetic polarity was reversed.

Anker doesn’t currently make any magnetic cables

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I know Anker doesn’t make magnetic cables. They do, however make a dock for the Quest 2 that utilizes a magnetic connector. I am asking under ideas & suggestions so they might consider developing one.

This could be a great idea

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Came here looking for the same thing. I’m trying to buy a few alternatives as well so if I find one that works, I’ll add another comment.

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