Looking to add an additional camera in Canada but can't find one

lol That gif. Yeah it’s strange the individual cameras are not for sale here but the 2 cam kit is. I don’t know anyone in the US so it’s not possible for me to get someone to buy it and ship it. I have sent an email to support in hopes of some help so hopefully I’ll get a reply email or response here.
The region thing is something I was aware of so that’s why I’ve only check North America. I have found some addon cameras on Ebay but I’m not sure the region and they are marked up like $100.

I could easily buy you as much cams a you want and ship it to you… 1:1 price.
But first of all: Shipping will cost a fortune. And second: We have other Region Cams so you won’t be able to use it i guess.

Lets keep us informed what support told you.

Interesting…if the 2 cam kit allowed to sell in Canada, why not a single cam? must be a way. Or it is llike most other Anker products, not available in Canada…

Anyways, glad to see you liked eufycam E.

I got a response from Anker via Amazon.ca and Eufylife support and both were pretty much the same response. Both responses stated they currently don’t sell the addon camera in Canada but they will forward a request to the sales department to expand selling the addon camera in Canada.

Pretty disappointing to be honest. My only real option seems to be to buy one from a USA seller on Ebay but I’m not sure if Canada is Region A like the USA is. Trying to find out the whole region thing now.

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Where is the sense? reason? … the first company i know who do not wanna earn money :laughing:

Maybe this helps:

Yeah it’s very bizarre and makes no sense. Maybe it’s just an oversight but I was surprised when I was pretty much told no you can’t buy it. lol

Thanks for the link. I actually just skimmed through that before you posted and believe Canada is also Region A. Gonna wait for clarification for sure from Eufy/Anker before I proceed with anything.

Or maybe buy the 2 cams set, take one for yourself and resell the other with the HB?! But honestly, that’s just weird how there isn’t an option to buy an add on cam. :exploding_head:

Just an update. Eufylife support has informed me the addon camera will be available to Canadians via Amazon.ca in late July. So I’ll be waiting till then and hopefully it will be available then.

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Better late than never :thumbsup:

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Hooray! I also want some add-ons. Hopefully their doorbell cam doesn’t take so long to get to Canada as well

I hope for you all, that eufy finally is
flooding Canada with addon cams! :ok_hand:

I just ordered my - can’t count anymore what number - next eufy cam starter kit as present for my best friend and his birthday! :gift:

But of course the original eufy cam with the A.I. homebase, for sure! :hearts:


@yamyam you like the eufycam so much, now you are giving away these to your friends, sounds great to hear…

I don’t count on these time lines any more…Plan for an additional +3 months by the way things work out now :grin:

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Good point. The doorbell cam will probably be delayed too. :frowning:

Shhhh. Don’t jinx it. :laughing:

Hello! @DougS2K
Much appreciate for your great support in our eufyCam series! We’re sincerely sorry that at the current stage, the add-on camera is still not available for purchasing in Canada. We’ve double confirmed with our associated staff responsible for the Canadian market and was gladly informed that the add-on camera is going to be release on CA Amazon in 2-3 months. They are trying their best to accelerate the progress since we do know there are many our valued customers in Canada are waiting for the single cameras. Could you please be patient to wait for some time? Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time in advance!

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Thanks for the reply. I was told by Eufylife support (Who have been very helpful) it would be the end of July. I am patiently waiting for the addon camera release but am really hoping it’s July rather then 2-3 months. :slight_smile:

PS. Lets hope us Canadians don’t have to wait months for the doorbell too. We need to see who’s knocking at our igloo when were not home. :grin:

You know me bro :kissing_heart:
Felt in love with the “not yet perfect” eufycam … and you of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even if you don’t speak german, i bet you like the following marked part best (click to zoom), am i right?! :smiling_imp: :smile:

Don’t you have one of those brandnew move- and driveable igloos with integrated roofcam?! :laughing:

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Yeah, i know IFTTT :heart_eyes: :joy:
still shows in the listing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Damn. Guess I’m gonna have to start saving up! :laughing:

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Hi @AnkerSupport, Would be able to advise when the Eufy Security Video Doorbell will be available for purchasing in Canada?