Lives on Tik Tok! Unbox the F3800 and CES

We’ve got two lives happening this week on Tik Tok.

The first, tomorrow, will focus on the SOLIX F3800. During these lives, Rachel and Joel talk about the features of the product – they’ve been using the F3800 for months now – field questions and run a giveaway. If you’re at all interested in the F3800, tune it.

The second is Wednesday. Rachel and Joel will be live from CES in Vegas. Anker SOLIX is unveiling a few products there, so I’ll definitely be tuned in. I think I know what we’re sharing there, but it’s possible that after tomorrow, I’ll still have some top secret product secrets!

Shame that some are no longer announced on your own platform (here) at the same time (or earlier than) as elsewhere…not only would it show things are still happening here but it would also be an advertisement for your own communities…

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I never will take a look or take part on those “events”.

It’s really hard for me to join these Anker livestreams. My life is so busy that following social media announcements, especially via video is nearly impossible without sacrificing time needed for other things.

I’d have to echo others in that having announcements on this platform was great. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen anything (excluding solar and home powerstations) here or any product announcements in soundcore forum.