Live Chat Recap: The SOLIX HES X1

We did a little live chat, short and sweet, in the SOLIX HES X1 Facebook Group. Here’s a polished transcript.

Everyone, please meet Horace. He’ll be supporting the chat tonight. He’s an expert in all things solar and a key member of the HES X1 team. Let’s get started.

Question: I know there is an affiliate program in place, but what about larger-scale distribution for solar providers? Is this primarily a direct-to-consumer model for you, or are you interested in a wholesale model to distributors (aka solar installers)?
Answer: Ultimately, it will be both. But to start, we are going to recommend a list of installers we’ve vetted. Customers can sign up on our website and we will arrange professional installation and distributors to provide the product. Not only will the system need to be professionally installed, but it will also require permits issued by their local government and cooperation with their utility provider.

Q: Will this be something that can be shipped to the customer and have the choice of self-install vs pro install?
A: We will be working with select partners for installation, and Horace might be able to answer more about that.

Q: Is Anker hiring outside sales staff to find and train local solar companies?
A: We are! Our team is still growing and we will ensure that installers will be trained to properly install our systems. Solution Manager - Solar

Q: Do you have any one pages or sheets about the panels?
A: We don’t. Our focus today is more general. We’re just not quite in a place to share information about the product broadly. We want to make sure we have our ducks in a row. Watch the Facebook group and sign up at the link above.

Q: Purely from a price perspective, are you guys aiming to be less than Tesla’s Powerwall offerings?
A: We will be competitive. Our price has not been finalized, but it is our goal

Q: Can I add this backup battery to an existing solar panel system?
A: Yes you can. We can add Anker X1 backup to existing systems, and are even compatible with major brands like Enphase and Tesla

Q: Can you share anything about specs or partner brands or potential brands for solar panels? Any plans for large solar panels for permanent installs?
A: Anker currently will not be providing solar panels or inverters (string or microinverter). We will only be providing our storage system which includes the batteries and controller. However everything will be able to be purchased through local solar installers, and our system can be installed on existing solar systems.

We’ll be having more of these chats, but I hope to host them somewhere besides Facebook. I’m open to your suggestions on that, by the way.

To keep up on developments on the SOLIX HESX1 or to ask questions, be sure to join the Facebook Group.

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