Link Doorbell to HomePod


I understand that you can’t connect any of the Eufy cameras to HomeKit but what I would like is to be notified on the HomePod when the doorbell has been rang.

Now, I think this can be done through the IOS app Shortcuts. If I was to use an automation that some how used the Eufy Security app’s notification of when the doorbell has been rang to trigger a sound through the HomePod I think that would work.

Only problem is that I don’t have the faintest clue of how to execute this. Maybe its something to do with the scripting… I JUST DONT KNOW!!!

If anyone has any idea of how to do this or knows anyone that could possibly know I would really love you.

I understand that Apple only lets the safest of products connect to HomeKit so why didn’t Eufy follower though!! They did it with the CAM2s


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Eufy geeks concentrate here:

It’s an overlapping set of users as in this community but official support reads their community not this one so I’d post same there to double chances, the issue you’d have here is getting noticed as it’s ALL Anker products brands here.

Yeah I posted it on there first, this was my last piece of hope


Cool. Sorry for saying what you already knew.

I don’t have the answer but I’d begin with searching for Eufy Camera / Homebase and API and then cross-reference API and Homepod, I’d find if they do anything in common. If there is an overlap I’d then search for any existing code which does anything Homepod + Homebase.

There was > year ago some chatter here about Homebase and API but was so little I don’t think it went anywhere.

There aren’t many devs here (who’ve announced themselves).

Thanks, @professor, this is all new territory for me and I’m struggling to understand it all. Do you know what I could search on YouTube to give me a basic understanding then I can gradually learn a bit at a time?

No sorry you need to find what’s possible and see if something exists close to your needs first.

In the Eufy security community there are similar asks to yours showing negative.

Only the regulars here are willing to help, if they are able to < 20.

The majority doesn’t care about such questions,
they only show up when there is free stuff.

And from this minority only two or three are really familiar with these EUFY cameras.
If there was no luck at the EUFY-Forum, hmm…


I’ve been helping out quite a lot on the Eufy forum these last couple of months because the admins either ignore questions or tell them to contact which isn’t helpful what so ever when you want answers now rather than 48 hours.

I’ve kinda learnt myself how to create a problem and find a way to fix it. This problem though has really stumped me.

I’ve spoken to the admins about improving the forum for the community but again it fell on deaf ears. It would be brilliant to have somewhere to actually submit reviews for others members to look at and see real photos rather than promotional photos made by Eufy to up sell.

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Late response, no idea if there’s other solutions out there that are much better. But you can get your iPhone to listen out for background sounds. Set it up to listen out for doorbell sounds. Create a shortcut automation that listens out for the sounds, and then get the resulting action to use the intercom feature for HomePods to say somebody is at the door.
I’ve got it working and so far it does “a” job. But nothing amazing. I was looking out for a better solution.
I think it’s a shame a lot of the eufy kit isn’t on HomeKit anymore like a camera system I bought some time back.
I even tried to set it up to chime in Alexa and that failed, so I assume they are wanting to sell an extremely ugly chime which uses up a socket or 2 in the house which is a shame.

That’s a great idea, never thought about that. I don’t think it’ll work in my case as I live in a 3 floor house.