Life q20 Stopped working

Life Q20 headphones stopped working. The power button does not respond. When you connect the 3.5 cable and press the noise canceling button, the green LED will light up and turn off only when the battery is gone. I disassembled the headphones, when you press the power button, the current consumption rises to 500 mA for a short time. When you turn on the noise reduction through the Jack, the consumption is 500 mA, while the nc is not working. Having touched the elements on the board, I realized that the main chip bes2300 is heated on the board. Headphones are not under warranty, can I do something with them? Because I used them very little, in 4 years I charged only 10 times. As I understand it, this chip also contains the firmware of the device, If I just solder it to a new one, then nothing will work