Liberty Air 2 Pro - Are they Worth it?

Hey guys, I know some of you don’t like going to Soundcore Community regularly (or every) but I wrote this review there yesterday. It is a late review but it was due to hectic semester. Also heads up, it is a long one so if there’s nothing going on in your life this is the best way to pass your time :joy:. Hope you guys like it! Give me any suggestions to help me format my Life Q35 review better


Amazing review! You really talked about every feature about the earbuds :+1:


Thanks buddy!


Hey bud ! I found u are from India ! Actually I’m having soundcore Liberty air 2 pro, whenever I listen to the music at the highest volume and an incoming call takes place and I receive the call via earbuds and after ending the call, I get change in the soundstage, it’s like muffled sound and I’ve to make it normal by using either volume up or down. Are you also facing this if you are having Liberty air 2 pros ? Ur reply will be highly appreciated thanks.

I’m the F&I Manager for a Toyota Car lot in Mississippi. I will personally vouch for the Liberty Air 2 pro. I injured both of my ears in Afghanistan in 2011. I truly can’t hear when someone is speaking to me from the other line without them!!!