Level Up Party!



Good for you, I am not in the run as it is not listed for Canada~!
btw @dicejedi, Johnny, you will reach level 8 very soon… Good luck buddy !


“Johnny be good”


This has been my progress over the last 2+ years. I’m not too obsessed with levels and participate moderately whenever I can. 2017/2018 was pretty stressful on personal front so I do see that in the data. Data is beautiful :grin:

Joined Oct 12, 2016
Level 1 - Nov 03, '16 (+22 days)
Level 2 - Nov 06, '16 (+3 days)
Level 3 - Jan 01, '17 (+56 days)
Level 4 - Sep 06, '17 (+248 days)
Level 5 - Dec 25, '17 (+110 days)
Level 6 - Feb 09, '18 (+46 days)
Level 7 - May 22, '18 (+102 days)
Level 8 - Aug 13, '18 (+83 days)
Level 9 - Feb 28, '19 (+199 days)
Level 10 - May 16, '19 (+77 days)


Thats awesome, let the data talk, yeah I like the data man.


That’s cool data :sunglasses::+1:t2:


If I ever have enough time I’ll create some data like that :grin:


Congrats! Don’t spend all them powerbucks in one place :joy: (like i did :unamused::sweat_smile:)


I’m close to level 8 now took me quite a while.


I won’t be getting the fusion. Gonna save these PowerBucks up


Lol I’m saving up now. It does feel a lot because I was at 3 digits but nothing compared to you all here


Saving for the anker auction house?

I am about to have all of mine taken though :unamused:. It was my choice :grin::wink:


Maybe. Really depends on what pops up in Power draw and auction. I have good self control so I know I get those up in high 4 digits without a problem


I wasn’t planning to spend my bucks, but when the soundcore liberty air showed up I decided to spend the bucks since I was about to buy them anyway


That makes sense but I don’t need anything yet so I’m good for some time. As long as my Soundbuds Slim are running well, I’m good


I’m holding on mine too since nothing has caught my eye yet


Throw back to the early levels when it took three days to level up


So far my luck has been horrid with the powerdraws! I really want the fusion that is in the powerdraw but don’t want to break the bank! So I’m still thinking about it… To have 2000+ powerbucks ready for an auction would be perfect!


Thanks @Ice1 ! I am just a couple of points from crossing over to level 8… should make it today if I don’t reach the daily limits!


Ayyy level 8 now!


Congratulations @Master78681 :ok_hand: