Last Chance To Enter! #AnkerSpeedChallenge | Dance Fast, Win Big


Hey, Anker Fans!

A wise man once said, “Dance like nobody’s watching”. At Anker, we prefer to say, “Dance really fast and you might win a MacBook”.

Now that we’ve got your attention, let us give you a bit more information.

It’s your last chance to enter the #AnkerSpeedChallenge which has been up and running on our TikTok for almost two weeks now. The challenge is simple. Check out our fast-paced original dance here, and then see how well you can recreate it.

We’ll spend some time enjoying all of your submissions, and then we’ll choose our top 3 to take home some amazing prizes:

  • First Prize: A MacBook Pro 13” and an Anker Nano II 65W

  • Second Prize: An iPad Air and an Anker Nano II 40W

  • Third Prize: An iPhone 12 and an Anker Nano II 30W

Don’t worry if you’re not the best dancer. Winners will be picked based on a mixture of factors including creativity, style, and technique. We want to see you put your own stamp on it, even if you’ve never danced a day in your life!

How to enter:

  • Watch and learn the dance on our TikTok AnkerOfficial.
  • Record and post your own version of the Anker Speed Challenge on TikTok.
  • Include the hashtag #AnkerSpeedChallenge in your post.
  • Tag AnkerOfficial.
  • Share your video with the original sound featured in the post on theAnkerOfficial TikTok page.

If you’d like to enter, please read the full terms and conditions here before doing so.


Woah! Great promo! Wait for my entry! :star_struck:

Lol I didnt know Anker had a TikTok channel


But just to show my age, what’s a TikTok?


I also never heard from such a channel.
But don’t mind Paul, we know many more other things the “Young Ones” don’t know. :laughing:

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Yes that’s true Franz.
Although for every new thing I out in my head, two old things are forgotten :rofl:

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Dangerous Paul!
After a while the head is full of new stuff, you may never need! :joy:

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The best think I can say it is like the twitter of user video.

People will do a lot of short video to promote themselves, to have fun making short video or live stream as well. they may try to do “challenges” like show your showing your bikini after showing your baggy clothes and such.

Several seems to be scripted but several will have reactions to other video.

I saw the anker speed challenge posted elsewhere and decide to check out what TikTok was myself as well.

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Thanks @Duane_Lester
I dont think you’ve sold it to me but I have a better feel of what it’s about :+1:t2:

Lol stay away from it. I find it a bit obnoxious and people try way too hard to get likes and follows


I saw this and almost entered…but then I said nobody wants to see a fat guy try and dance :rofl:


I’m sure your fans here would give you a vote/like or whatever you give on TikTok @Tank :+1:t2:


Appreciate it, but not gonna even try


The sound the croc makes before capt hook gets eaten… :thinking:




Lol you should enter the contest doing those moves :rofl:

I don’t have tiktok nor do I ever want want. @paulstevenewing it’s a lot like vine not sure if you know what that is (I didn’t have that either) but it’s mostly short videos of people doing basically anything they want and people scroll through other peoples videos watching them. The big thing on tiktok are dances that people learn and post on there


Hey @ktkundy
Glad I’m not the only one.
I’ve heard of Vine. So neither platform seems like something I have any interest in.
I think it’s a sign of my age :grin: