Keep Cleaning Uncomplicated for Couples

According to the Institute for Family Studies, couples with children argue about house chores more than money, children, in-laws, and drinking!

G40+ gives you more time, with less chores. Why let cleaning ruin the mood? Vacuum, sweep, and empty up to 60 days* of dirt and debris.

While G40+ can’t wash your dishes or do your laundry (yet), It can keep your floors dirt free with 2,500 Pa of suction power to pick up dust, debris, and hair. G40+ is also super quiet and slim enough to reach tight spaces in your home. The Self-Empty Station allows G40+ to empty debris and resume cleaning your home where it left off.

Get your G40+ now! With cleaning now taken care of, what’s the next house chore you want to see automated?

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(*According to eufy laboratory data)


I was already asking about the materials of this dust bag, which has to be put in the garbage.

Is there any plastic component?

No answer is not the best answer!

A little duct tape and anything is possible. :rofl:

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