#JustLikeNew: Put Pre-Owned to the Test!



Sorry it has taken so long to reply with my #JustLikeNew review, but I only got back from holiday at the beginning of the week.

Thank you @Anker you guys rock!


Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the contests. Have a great day.


I’m late on posting my review. Sorry about that I’ve been busy traveling for work and finishing an MBA. Anyway, Anker, thank you a bunch for the Powercore 10000. It’s nice an compact and will charge my phone 3 times. You would never know it was refurbished.
Anyway, I shared a review on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/shaun.kanak/posts/1798922996797709

Thanks again! I’ve been really please with Anker products and will certainly buy more.


Thank you for remembering the review, hope you are satisfied with this portable charger!


Oh i miss it… but is a good idea! To get pre owned cheap things!


Nice I love anker


Awesome :sunglasses: idea


I’ve purchased 3 items from the certified pre-owned page. Bolder LC90, Spirit X earbuds, and the powercore 13000.

I really enjoy using them, and they are in excellent condition.


I just purchased a pre-owned wireless stand 10w and pushed as a Samsung charger…

The item is in mint condition, and came with paperwork n cable. The box was dented that was all. Sold by Amazon warehouse.


Great feedback, will definitely consider to save some $$


I like using Amazon warehouse because even if the box is scratched you can save a ton of money on items


Wish we in the UK could also get access to pre-owned items soon :innocent:


Still think unboxed/returned items could be cheaper.

Be great when UK finally gets to be treated equal!