#JustLikeNew: Put Pre-Owned to the Test!



Do you get your testing product now?


Yep just got it this morning wondering where it was after looking at everyone else’s post


Glad you got it, some times you will get notification email if the items being dispatched and shipped out,but not always which makes the waiting game that much more painful


Wow, that’s great!
Hope you have good experience by using our product.:grin:


Got it today in mail. Honest review might take at least 3 days as everything seems fine but to check the battery timings I need 2 to 3 full charge & discharge cycles.


Great news!


I think this is awsome! good luck to everyone. I hope I could win something too. :slight_smile:


Sorry it has taken so long to reply with my #JustLikeNew review, but I only got back from holiday at the beginning of the week.

Thank you @Anker you guys rock!


Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the contests. Have a great day.


I’m late on posting my review. Sorry about that I’ve been busy traveling for work and finishing an MBA. Anyway, Anker, thank you a bunch for the Powercore 10000. It’s nice an compact and will charge my phone 3 times. You would never know it was refurbished.
Anyway, I shared a review on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/shaun.kanak/posts/1798922996797709

Thanks again! I’ve been really please with Anker products and will certainly buy more.


Thank you for remembering the review, hope you are satisfied with this portable charger!


Oh i miss it… but is a good idea! To get pre owned cheap things!


Nice I love anker


Awesome :sunglasses: idea


I’ve purchased 3 items from the certified pre-owned page. Bolder LC90, Spirit X earbuds, and the powercore 13000.

I really enjoy using them, and they are in excellent condition.


I just purchased a pre-owned wireless stand 10w and pushed as a Samsung charger…

The item is in mint condition, and came with paperwork n cable. The box was dented that was all. Sold by Amazon warehouse.


Great feedback, will definitely consider to save some $$


I like using Amazon warehouse because even if the box is scratched you can save a ton of money on items


Wish we in the UK could also get access to pre-owned items soon :innocent:


Still think unboxed/returned items could be cheaper.

Be great when UK finally gets to be treated equal!