It's Been A Long Time

Well hello everybody!

Some might remember me from a few years back commenting on everything a liking everypost like it was an addiction.
I can’t remember when my last post was, infact, it took me a minute or two to work out how to add this post :sweat_smile:
I’ve been pretty tied up since my change of job a couple of years back which has meant less time online.
It’s good to see some of the regular names still here and that there seems to be more engagement on the forum recently.
I’m not making a big comeback, but dropped in as a diary reminder just popped up on my phone to say today is my fourth anniversary since joining the forum.
I’m still using @AnkerOfficial products by choice and all the the products I was lucky enough to win, and those that I bought, are still going strong.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
I’ll try to be less of a stranger, but won’t be daily visitor.


Welcome back!!! Thanks for the product durability report, too. It’s exactly what we’re going for!

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Hey @AnkerOfficial Juliette
Thanks :+1:t2:
Product durability has always been a big selling point of Anker products, as many here will agree.

Wow! Blast from the past, indeed! Glad to hear things are going well, @paulstevenewing. Don’t be a stranger!


Nice to hear from ya. I had gotten my notificationn as well but it should be technically one less as I spent the first parts of that first parts of that year grieving my mother passing but will say, I did enjoy the interactions that kept me coming back here even of I did not say too much…


Hope you’re well listening to Alan Partridge on Radio Norwich :wink:

So 6 months.

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Not as long ago as I though @professor


I’m also changing my work soon, I took a sabbatical which was initially going to be a year-ish but between two broken limbs, buying / renovating 2 houses and having to tend to a sick relative it proved longer. Back to work soon (probably) so I’m likely going quieter shortly.

I think the top “keeping the lights on” prize goes to @Chiquinho while we were in our wilderness years.

Some things are the same.


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Hi! Welcome back :slight_smile: Not much has been going on here :frowning: But some of us oldies are still hanging in there…hoping. Lol. Drop in anytime, it’s nice to see a familiar face around. Take care and stay safe. :slight_smile:


Long time no speak @paulstevenewing , welcome back to the community

Edit - just noticed the notification

Wow time flies…5yrs of community 2.0 (or 2.1) and nearly 7yrs on mod duty haha

Quite a few others have hit an anniversary milestone today too, congrats!


Hallo Paul,
great to see you back again
Hope all is fine with You, Debs and Charlie.
Greetings from München


PAUL!!! Great to have you back it’s been a while and you were definitely missed! Hope life is treating you well!


image Insert ‘Pauls Alive’ here…

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@matt_tabor @Duane_Lester @professor @Nhi @ndalby @ktkundy @Erich_Robinowitz1
and of course everyone’s dear friend Franz @Chiquinho
Its great to see you are all here keeping the candle burning. Although it appears the spark is coming back to the forum with a change of admin and a little more traffic here.

Its great to hear a little of what you’ve been up to and to see a few other have hit anniversaries too.

Debs and Charlie are doing well, ticking along fine.
Charlie is 10 soon, I turned 48 last week and in March this year I proposed to Debs - and the crazy girl said yes! :crazy_face:
Work is crazy, with Brexit making import/export a complete nightmare its never a dull day!
But I work for a great company, so that’s fine.

I’ve recently started collecting Casio G-Shock watches. It started with me buying a couple of models because I liked the look, then it quickly become a bit of an obsession, 24 watches and counting…
But hey, at least I will always know the time, right?

Have a great day everybody, speak soon.


Congrats on the engagement and yes, Brexit sigh. A simple lie often wins over a complex truth.

I’m getting an unhealthy interest in Swiss Army knives and camping stoves. I went from owning 1 stove to 8 in a year and another knife delivering today.

N+1. N = how many you have, N+1 = how many you need. Repeat.

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I sold today a Victorinox champ.
I usually buy these on the flea market.
Often I donate these to my “farmer friends” in Portugal

I found a “mini champ” recently.
That’s a great, funny little knife, I really like.
The champ I sold today was to bulky an heavy for the pocket.


True that’s more of a hipbelt knife. I bike/walk around and the councils don’t prune the over-growing trees so I carry some gardening pruning kit with me, particularly along the routes near schools. We’ve just had a lot of rain in England so many branches heavy with new leaves getting in way of prams / bikes.

Swiss Army 7 Alox-0.8150.26


If you get the thought, you should throw a watch to see if time flies. :rofl:

Not really much of collection right now… lol oldest son has his lego set in the house.


If you throw a watch it goes slower. (SR)

Just like your watch runs slower when arm is down than when it’s held up to look at it. (GR)


Best is never look at any watch.

I often don’t use a watch.
Pensioners really don’t need.
Wife tells you what to do, so she plans your day without any watch. :grin:

You should take a look at this champ mini.

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