Is Anker phasing out Roav?

I’ve noticed that Roav no longer appears at the bottom of the site, or their corporate site. When you go to it still displays all the brands as if it’s still a apart of Anker.

I’ve also noticed Roav hasn’t released any new products recently.


Yes agree with the impression it’s not looking a brand they are pushing.

But also in 2020/1 it’s not been the growth area to invest in.

Work from home, school from home, has been growth areas and Anker did a lot with Powerconf etc in the period.

Given there’s a worldwide shortage of electronics, which would you rather direct the factory to make?

So it’s not been a surprise for me, but no announcement. If it matters contact Anker via email and ask, if you get a reply paste it here.


I don’t care too much, although I’d like them to continue to support my dash cam if something should go wrong.

It just seems weird that they removed its logo/link from the other companies pages.

I will also say, Roav’s always had an awkward crossover with anker with things like cigarette lighter usb adapters. I’ve never totally understood why anker insists on subbrands are they worried if something goes wrong it’ll ruin anker’s good name? anker has such positive branding in the main anker line.

And like you’ll see that anker no longer makes headphones/speakers finally moved all of that over too soundcore, but then they launch bluetooth conference speaker under anker brand?

I know why they sub-brand: needle in haystack problem.

Suppose you wanted to find a rechargeable battery, chances are Anker would be in top 5, with Aukey, Ravpower, etc.

If Anker didn’t have Roav brand, where searches found similar, you’d more easily miss it.

So it makes sense. The mistake they made wasn’t with Roav brand, but Soundcore and Eufy where majority of threads don’t go to their community but here. Roav never set up their own community.

I too would like to know? I love the Anker brand as a whole and would love to see dash cams from them. Roav is a great name, i wish they would push it more!