iPhone 15. Any Surprises? Big Wins? How About a Nano Win?

Any big surprise for you with Apple’s announcement?

I think we all knew that USB-C was coming, but it was fun that Apple kept the mystery alive as long as possible.

And yup, Anker has predicted the need for high-quality USB-C cables.

And extremely compact and thoughtfully designed chargers in our Nano line. In fact, I packed this 22.5-watt Nano for a trip recently, and I was quite pleased. It was the ONLY L-port-compatible device I brought. A brave move.

That 22.5-watt Nano is also available in a USB-C version, too … just in case you’re going to splurge on the iPhone 15.

And it comes in colors, too.

This weekend, I got to handle this 30-watt Nano as well. When I saw this on camera a few weeks ago, I was delighted. It’s the little things, right?

This charger solves a few problems I think we all have. Where’s the correct cable? Why isn’t it with my charger? And – mid-trip – where is my Nano? Did I leave it at the _______?

The integrated USB-C cable also serves as a strap. It’s solidly attached to the Nano, but the flat cable slides to affect the size of the loop. That means you can connect that strap to a carabiner and attach it to your purse or inside your bag. (Yes, I know that’s a gendered statement. I’m not sorry.) It’s just a nice way to make sure you don’t lose it in your bag. It’s the little things.

And again, it’s available in multiple colors. That’s a little thing I could care less about though.

What do you think? Are you down for the iPhone 15? Or are you, like me, too cheap for that, but absolutely committed to being a self-sufficient human capable of keeping their own devices charged?

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No big surprises really, USB-C was prob the biggest outstanding item for many which now with the EU has been forced into the model.

Picked up an iPhone 14 Pro Max a few months ago on contract as the early rumours pretty much kinda confirmed that the iPhone has currently hit a plateau until a re-design comes about (ie same battery life between the 14 and 15, marginal camera improvements etc).

I just picked up the 14. I’m happy with it. Sure USB-C would be fantastic, but it’s not worth the $$$ to me.

This video from MKBHD was really good – you might like it, too https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=enR58PYHaWw

I have the iPhone 13 Pro. I don’t think the 15 was anything really worth the upgrade. And yes, the USB-C is nice but definitely not worth upgrading. Personally, I think Apple’s events have become somewhat boring. It’s not like how it was when Steve Job’s was around. Now, he can really get you excited about new products.

While it would be nice to have a USB-C, I gotta say that my regular nano with the lighting connector is amazing. Compact, and its not annoying or anything, and you can still use the phone while its charging. I highly recommend one if you get the chance.

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The 15 looks nice, but I’m not ready to jump on it. Maybe in a year or two. And I rarely plug my phone in with a cable anymore since I can just use MagSafe and avoid the cable all together. And the Anker MagGo is USB-C… so it’s kinda like my phone is already charging using USB-C!! :joy:

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No surprise on the iPhone 15. And no huge improvement over the 14. We all knew it’d be getting USB-C and incremental upgrades on the internals. I’m probably upgrading in 1-2 years.

But the Anker Nano Power Bank (30W, Built-In USB-C Cable) looks really nice.

While I obviously like that Apple finally phased out Lightning and switched the iPhone to USB-C, the company decided not to develop a new two-cell series battery setup that can take advantage of the extra power that direct USB PD offers (max 100W) as compared to the previous USB-C to Lightning implementation of USB PD (max 27W.) The only difference is the fact that you do not have to switch cables anymore to power the iPhone vs other devices.

That’s an interesting detail! Thanks for sharing that.

Hey! Welcome back! I would love to ditch l-cables. LOVE TO. But let’s see … I still have Airpod Pros I really, really like. And they’re l-port. I just bought the 14 because welp I’ve grown out of my "must have the newest i-thing phase).

All of this is to say I’m so glad we’re making that Anker Nano Power Bank 301 with USB-C and L-port:)

I’ll have this 14 for a while … the AirPods never did recover fully from the wash and rinse cycle, sadly, but I contemplate replacing them often. (Even as I have the Soundcore Liberty 4NC and the Soundcore P201 and the Soundcore Life Q20.)