iPadOS new file manager



Is anyone here uses the iPad Pro for video editing, specially refering to Lumafusion?

I saw the beta will allow to connect USB-C devices to the iPad and transfer files. Will any of the USB-C hubs from Anker will work now?

Let me know what you think and if this will be a something it will make consider the iPad Pro.


Super interested on this post since I’m watching closely all the iOS 13 new features…


I’m still rocking my 2012 ipad 3 :grin:


Any idea when do they release IOS 13?


Always September


Well the cool part about this is that now the iPad will have their own OS and it will be different from iOS. I believed they say to expected with the new gen of devices. I was looking in to some benchmark test in the iPad for single core and Multi core and they almost perform the on the same way a MacPro will perform.


Also, in ios13 I’m guessing iPadOS you can connect your Xbox and PS4 controller to the tablet/phone :ok_hand: