Introducing the SOLIX C800 and C800 Plus

If you were following the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, then you know we introduced some products, including the very clever SOLIX C800 plus.

You could, I suppose, think of it as SOLIX C1000 junior, but I think this unit can carry its own weight, particularly the C800 plus, which comes with some smart accessories.

Let’s start with the accessories that are included with the C800 plus. Because they’re neat, that’s why.

The C800 plus comes with two water resistant camping lights, aka a torch. The torches are easily attached to a pole that attaches to the device, and it’s therefore easily detached. Conical in shape, it feels right in your hand, making it an ideal flashlight or telescoping (floor?) lamp. With three modes, it’s the perfect piece to light your way to adventures. Get 100 lumen in candle mode, and 200 lumen in ambient and torch modes. (That’s enough to light 10-20 meters or 30-65 feet.)

That uniball pole, by the way, is sturdy enough to do double duty as a selfie-stick or a mount for your camera or projector, giving you an extra 3-feet of reach. You could use it to hang something light to dry.

Don’t worry about losing track of those accessories! The top of the C800 pops open, creating a space to stow the pole and torches. Conveniently, the storage chamber is set up to re-charge the lamps when needed, too. Always be ready to light your way into adventure. (How long does it take to recharge the torch? About four hours.)

Is it the specs you want? Got it.

Mini fridge? Microwave? Check! The LiFePO4 battery is rated at 768Wh or 1200W. The surged brings it to 1600W for those aforementioned appliances.

With 10 power ports, including five AC outlets, two USB-C (one is 100W, the other is 30W), two USB-A (12W) ports and of course, one DC port (120W).

WiFi and Bluetooth mean it’s app-ready, too. Charge status and recharging time updates at your fingertips.

Yes, it’s got our trademarked Hyperflash technology so you can charge from 0-100% in just under an hour. No AC? No problem. The C800 takes 300W solar input. Not too shabby for a device that weighs LESS THAN 21 POUNDS.

Run your CPAP machine for 15 hours. Power your 800W electric stove for 50 minutes, and your 1000W coffeemaker or kettle for 42 minutes.

We expect it to be available onsite at the end of March 2024. No official word on pricing yet, though. Yes we’ll keep you posted. Yes, the Facebook group will exhaust me with this question, and no, no I don’t blame them.

What do you think? Anything you’d add? Any guesses on what it will retail for?

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This is intriguing. This would be perfect for my camping road trip this summer with the family (Acadia, Shenandoah). Pricing is hard; I’m guessing in the $600-700 range. This looks great!

The weight is ideal for camping! No idea on price, but right now the C1000 can be had for $718 and change on Amazon (with $300 coupon), so that can inform a projection, I think.

I’ve been to both Acadia and Shenandoah. I’d go back to either. In Shenandoah, rent bikes and ride the carriage roads. Rockefeller Junior did America a solid with that gift. Every bridge is different and beautiful in its own right. And Shenandoah … the way history of the Appalachian people is presented there was artful and honest – truly a cultural heritage. Enjoy that trip!


I don’t know how long the torch will run at 200 lumens, or how much it would add to the price, but adding a second torch makes sense to me. One can be charging while using the other. All of the pictures I’ve seen have shown two torches in the storage area, so I can forsee customers being disappointed when they find that only one is included. I know they’re not too expensive, and someone could buy one if they felt the need, but having a tripod ball head would be nice. It would allow compensation for cameras and projectors if the unit is not on a level surface.

good timing … I just learned the unit comes with two torches! Updating copy now

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That’s awesome. My family and I love to hike so we will be doing a lot of that. I might figure out how to get 4 bikes on a hitch on your recommendation. Thanks!

Honestly, I’d just rent bikes there unless you plan to ride enough to make the hassle worth it. And I said “In Shenandoah,” but I meant Acadia. Rockefeller junior built the roads to appease the people who had heard about the beauty of the land he’d acquired and he wanted privacy for his family. So instead of being a jerk, he created a very attractive diversion for visitors. Everyone got a little and everyone gave up a little:) #nationalparknerd

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That’s awesome, I’ll have to consider it. I might hit you up as a National Park Nerd. Trying to visit as many as I can before the kids are out of the house. Acadia is a haul from Kentucky, so taking the opportunity to do it. Thanks!

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I feel like Big Bend is totally worth the effort. It’s a haul … even from anywhere in Texas. But go at the right time of year, and get a soak in at the barely manmade natural hot springs. Acadia will be worth it:) Lobster!