Introducing the Anker Prime Series

Charge Everything Everywhere FASTER All At Once

The Anker Prime Series

The charging power delivered by these beasts is outstanding. Check out theAnker Prime 737 250 watts. 27,650mAh Power Bank. 170 watts total output.

Desktop charging gone sleek: Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger (4 Ports)

Portable meets Packable with the Prime 728.

Watch the product launch video here.

You don’t need permission to share your thoughts … we want to know.


I like the GaNPrime UK folding pins, we’ve been asking for something like that for years, finally, comes.

I’m travelling now with a 65W work Windows laptop and so will give thought to the 100W or 67W folding pins so keep the barrel charger at home.

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This all looks amazing.

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No been around much for the last few weeks, have I missed some reason why our new admin is now posting as herself rather than the official admin account :face_with_monocle:


No real reason, she has been doing so since April, but personally I prefer it over not knowing who is posting on the official.


Just got an email about this today. Great looking products and stats!!

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EDIT: I see what you mean. I was … wait for it … logged in under my personal account, which wildly, uses a very similar profile photo. Le sigh.

I just changed the profile photo to something that looked more or less like me.

Which do you prefer? A branded profile photo, a favicon-like image, or the way it is now – a profile photo without branding.


I personally like a brand somewhere on there. Makes it stand out more and gives some authority for those that are new to the community.


Figured it might have been something like that :joy:

Not overly fussed myself however If the ankeroffcial account is used by more than one person (used to be 2-3 different people over the global offices) I would think a generic branded one would make it easier for community members to identify by eye who is posting…if you are the sole user not much to be worried about…

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That’s a good point. I’ll stop being lazy and make it with an A for Anker! for Ambition! for Accolades!

It’s just me now. And honestly, it’s a bit lonely, sniff sniff. But thanks for flagging that for me. If others join, we’ll want to be very clear who is posting as what, where, and when so as to avoid user confusion. It should be obvious who you’re talking to:) Icon/account management is the way.


Careful now… we could come up with a lot of words the A stands for… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :innocent:

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I invented a word


Someone who can’t own enough Anker.

There’s a few Ankerholics here.


Awesome? Do you mean AWESOME? :grinning:

I was thinking the “Awesome Adventurous Anker Admiral And Ardent Advocate Aligning Anker-ites”! Or something along those lines… :crazy_face:

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That’s what I did!
Now I am more than a beauty! :grin:


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Anyone get a lucky email today?

If by lucky email you mean a Nigerian Prince who wants me to help him move a large amount of money to America… then yes! :grin:

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hahahaha! I once did a public records request on the director of a large state agency. He included the Nigerian Prince emails in the request, which made me smile. I mean, it IS a public record, but I wouldn’t have noticed if they were “missed.” This cracked me up.

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do you mean … winner announcement? I’ll ping a teammate.

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