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What does IPA stand for?

No, no! We’re talking about charging tech…Intelligent Power Allocation to be precise. It’s a technology that’s featured in our new PowerPort Atom PD 2 charger, but what does it do? Read on to find out…

Intelligent Power Allocation is an exclusive Anker technology that ensures you get the maximum power out of your charger, no matter what you have plugged in. Other chargers have a certain amount of wattage “locked-in” to each port. This means that while a single device is plugged in, the other port(s) are just sitting idle.

IPA unlocks the full potential of your charger to route power from idle ports. This lets PowerPort Atom PD 2 charge a MacBook Pro at its fastest possible speed (60W) while there is nothing connected to the other port. It can even detect when you’ve plugged in a cable (USB-C to C cable only), but haven’t connected a device yet—maximizing your charging speed without wasting a single watt of power.

IPA represents a big step forward in charging technology, but we’re always looking to make improvements. From Power Delivery compatibility to PowerIQ 3.0 high-speed charging technology and more, we’ll never stop innovating.

What features would you like to see in a future Anker product? Share this post on social media and tag us @AnkerOfficial with your opinions, and we will randomly choose one person to win PowerPort Atom PD 2.

Good luck, and Power On!

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