IFTTT working recipe

I was reading another forum and saw someone posted an IFTTT recipe for EufySecurity. I tried it and it works. It’s very basic and I’m not sure if Eufy’s implementation of IFTTT will be better but at least it’s a start.

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Huh. That’s actually very cool.

So is the point that the camera receives a notification, (assuming it’s a robber or something) than it turns on the lamp to make the said robber think someone heard them, and scare the robber off? Interesting concept.

I do a have a eufycam but I have another security camera I may set this up with.

Or, if you are returning home from a night out and the house is dark, whatever light you would like will come on.

ahhh, I was wondering what the original use was.

That is just a standard Android notification IFTTT applet. Nothing specific to Eufy. It requires a mobile phone. Basically, the Eufy Security app will send a notification to your phone and the notification will trigger the action. The phone must have the IFTTT app installed. If it doesn’t, or if the phone is off or unreachable, the action is not triggered. A proper IFTTT implementation for a smart device doesn’t rely on having a phone in the middle.

Still useful when there is no other options.

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I could totally use this. I have a couple of smart plugs/switches around the house that I could say to trigger if my Arlo cameras get a notification.

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IFTTT has so many useful applications, very powerful tool

I used https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.llamalab.automate and managed to simulate “babymonitor behavior”. Triggers on a eufy notification, plays a door bell sound, then clicks the notice, opening last recorded movie (on my tablet i have next to the door).

Cant find in uk ifttt? any idea?

Anyone know how to do this using iOS notifications? All the examples I see use an android phone, couldn’t find a way do this on IFTTT for an iPhone. Here’s what I’d like to do…I have a eufy Doorbell cam connected to my google hub. Basically I can say “hey google, show my front door”. I want to automate this so that every time I get an alert from the Doorbell, google hub will show the cam. Seems simple enough but I can’t find a way to use an iOS notification as a trigger.