IFTTT support: confusing statements from Eufy

I have ordered 5 eufycams and a base station yesterday assuming that IFTTT will be available for this system in the near future. Now I am reading it is not on the roadmap anymore, thus not definitely promised.

@AnkerSupport: can you confirm IFTTT will be implemented and is still on the roadmap? Otherwise I will have to get the System returned back to you since this is essential for me and I based my buying decision on this.



@AnkerSupport Can you please share the latest updates about IFTTT? Will we ever get it?

@Anker Any news about IFTTT?

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@carminecristallo you are tagging a wrong Anker.
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

My 3 Lumos all work fine with IFTTT

really, do they say so on the product description?
We have been waiting long time to get the eufycams on IFTTT, no word ffrom eufy/Anker yet.

There’s something odd here. I was the one who wrote the original post on this thread. However, it now shows up as posted by a @Scott_Ferguson3. I wonder why it has been changed…

This is a known site issue that comes and goes, don’t fret over it as your still the ine who created the thread and they are aware if the issue with the name changing. As the site gets updated things are bound to get broken until fixed again

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No news regarding IFFT activation???

No news is bad news…

I dropped an email to support If any answer in max 7 days, go back to Amazon

The lack of support for IFTTT is stopping my purchase, that and the lack of being able to replace the battery.

Think to throw it away is so wasteful given the eco friendly world we are suppose to be living in!

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Already raised about IFTTT numerous times, not sure what’s going on at eufy’s backend lab. However, acording to Apple, Homekit is coming, so little improvement there.

I don’t think you need to consider replacement battery for these cameras as they tend to give you long life and by the time you think about replacing you would rather consider replacing the whole system due to latest technology at that time.

500 charges = 500 years of life… Let’s be conservative, 50 years?// or 20 years??
I think that is more than enough for me before I switch to another security camera.

Just wondering where you get the 500 charges from? I was actually thinking about this the other day and wondering how long these batteries are good for before they no longer hold a charge.

Any news about IFTTT? What is the problem? Why doesn’t anyone from Eufy ever reply to questions about this subject?

Your in a forum run by a handful of people, most have to relay messages to the eufy team.if you want answers then you are best to messaging Eufy themselves directly

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I have rung support a few times, they have no ETA on ifttt. Which is disappointing as they waste their time on geofencing, yet they wouldn’t have to if ifttt was supported.

Don’t think they understand the flexibility ifttt would bring to the system.

To be honest I would prefer another a integration system, IFTTT can have 10 min delay & I’ve experienced delays like that

If there was local integration like home assistant etc then the delays are negligible

Geofencing would have the same delay, this is more down to your phone and how often it updates your location.

I’m not on about location for the delay, even the app button to turn on a light or when a light is turned on set dimmer %

It’s well known the delays possible with IFTTT