iClarified & Business Insider Article - up to 44% discounts on Anker ROAV



Not sure these deals are ongoing or specials at this time, but iClarified & Business Insider published an article about ROAV products on their websites.

Get Up to 44% Off Anker’s Alexa-Enabled Car Charger, Dash Cams, More [Deal]

Some of these are pretty tempting to save few bucks…


Great deals… this should bring down $49.99 down by a lot… I will not go for one


Interesting… what is iClarified?

Thanks for sharing the deals anyway


Another Blog, probably got some good readers and going well in this digital world. :nerd:


Am I the only one, that is reminded of a promised discount that @joshuad11 wanted for the rova viva.


nice discounts


Oh my, don’t even get me started…

Not just one email, but two!


Thanks for sharing these deals. Too bad they don’t have a deal for the car charger I’m looking for :sob: