I need a usb-c to lightning cable! Who else?

I think anker really needs to make a usb-c to lightning as they do not currently make one but they do make a usb-c to micro usb cable. I NEED this cable to charge my iphone from my 2017 Macbook Pro and I don’t want to buy an apple brand cable or have to continue to use and adapter that I seem to all ways forget. If you also want one of these cables please like and reply to this so anker sees this and sees how many people also want a usb-c to lightning cable. Thanks.

(I’m new to this so please tell me if i am doing something wrong here)


Duct tape the adapter to cable.



I’m not sure Apple is allowing MFi certified cables with Lightning on one end and USB-C on the other since no other manufacturer has produced one thats MFi certified.


This may be the best post in the Anker Community Forums history. :clap:

@AnkerOfficial this should be a banner or put on the blog.


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Personally I would get a hub so I could charge my laptop and phone at the same time.

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but that means i still have to carry two things around with me instead of just one cable

One cable with a bit of gaffer tape. Cheap!

Well until a reputable company comes out with a type c to lightning that is your best bet. I saw a few on Amazon but they had horrible reviews as I’m sure you know. Get yourself a laptop bag or backpack to carry accessories. Carrying around a laptop like that without protection is asking for trouble.

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This has been confirmed by Apple. I hope they open it up soon.

Well with the iPad Pros, and likely all 3 new iPhones this year, an adapter in conjunction with a typical Lightning cable would not be able to take advantage of the fast charging feature.

@Josh_P Thanks for the great question. Anker understands it is a great thing if we can make USB-C to lightning cable for our customers, and in fact we have been working hard to make the product available in future.
@wileywos76 @joshuad11 You guys are right that the main obstacle is that we haven’t got the authorization from Apple for the MFI certification to make the USB-C to lightning cable. If Apple will give Anker the permission, we will make the USB-C to lightning cable available for our customers.



Been searching all around the web and there are only limited type c to lighting cables available in the market today and it doesn’t really say if it’s certified or not, besides Apple’s own cable. My question is, what is Anker waiting for? I would think you have this cable by now since it would make a good partner with Power Port Speed 1 USB C wall chargers. Is this already in the works or you need rights from Apple to create this? I would prefer your cables and charger over Apple’s.

Any cable that is usb-c to lightning cable needs to be certified via apple and currently they are the only ones who have such cable to my knowledge that is guaranteed to work properly


Seems as though Anker had a USB-C to Lightning cable at one point. Wonder if there were compatibility issues.

By the way Anker via Twitter has confirmed that they are working on one.

Seem to recall one was announced around 2015/2016 time (either Twitter or some conference), then never came to fruition (or was pulled at the last minute). Then in late 2016 via Twitter Anker responded to a feed question on the subject that Apple wasn’t playing ball with licensing, now more recently that they are working on one again (again via Twitter) should Apple allow licensing.

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Surely Apple will open this up soon, right?

I imagine next year we’ll see a USB-C power brick included in the box.

Apple probably would allow it now (maybe even previously), it’s most likely the licensing price which they want to levy against third parties that makes it not cost effective decision immediately.

Don’t see them including a power brick in the box for two reasons;

  • they are obsessed with things being minimalist (take their quest of thinness over function as many see it). I think sometimes they plan what to include with a phone based on the box design they can come up with :laughing:
  • including it with the phone will reduce the amount of profit they can make from a separate item, as they will have to factor in the brick with the phone price. Keep the phone cost the same and sell the brick separate (or allow Apple ecosystem users to use Macbook bricks) sidesteps so people think they are getting better hardware for the same price, with most often overlooking the need for the wall charger which you have to buy later for $79 etc

Apple are coming almost full circle by charging for extras and making items not upgraded-able or user repairable (Apple of the 80’s)


Will probably take a while before Apple certify third party charger and usb-c to lightning, since they want people to purchase their versions first. Cheapest cable they have is $25 then $35;

And cheapest USB-C charger to take advantage of the fast charge option for iphone 8, 8 plus and X will cost $29 to start with… My option it should have came with it , like the Samsung phones;

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My question is, can you use a USB-C to USB 3.1 cable such as PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.1 Adapter for the purpose of charging any device? such as USB to Micro, USB to lighting, etc.