I know how to extend Eufy the range of Home Base 2 and 3

You will need a wifi extender or repeater that can search for frequencies.
Open the Eufy Security App and ask to add a camera.
The home base will provide a new wifi for a few seconds.
Add this wifi that will appear as 6bA6j2pm-2.4G , now always repeat this signal with the same name that all devices will connect to the Home Base regardless of the distance.
Hope this helps.
Andre from Brazil

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@Andre_2005inf I tried this and found my eufy network but the extender is asking for a password for the Eufy network. Any idea what this could be or where I would find it?

Does this work and if yes can someone please give a step by step idiot’s guide?


It is huge and good news if you now can use Wi-Fi extenders to extend the range of the Homebase.
Can anyone confirm that it works and provide a guide how to do it?

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I am desiring to use a WAVLINK 12M and connect the Homebase 2 to that and would also greatly appreciate steps.


I tried this but it asked for the password to join the Homebase 3 network. Where can I find this information?


I had the same issue. Did you find a solution?

No offense but you supply very limited information and are not replying to questions. I have similar questions to others.

  1. name of extender that will pick up the HomeBase. I’ve tried 3 different ones to no avail.
  2. what is the password to access the unit?

What type of extender did you get that would pick up the HomeBase?