I had a funny dream last night!😂

It was so weird and bizzare that I woke up laughing…
I had a funny dream last night, which is relevant to @Chiquinho and his son???:joy:

In my dream, his son is working in the high school, and he recently want to hire a computer engineer for the school…I don’t know how he find my contact information, but he really want to invite me to join his school.:joy::joy::joy:

I don’t have any experience in fixing computer issues, but he still persisit to hire me…and also let his father @Chiquinho to persuade me.:joy::joy:

What do you think this dream means? That I need therapy?
Have you ever had any interesting dreams?:laughing::laughing:


Hey @LouiseHan
What a weird dream.
I think it means you’ve spent to much time in the forum over the years. You know some of us better than we know ourselves :joy:

Sounds like you are experiencing withdrawal effects from the community…nice to see you back :+1:

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@LouiseHan remember the dream I had… I dreamt I went to Ankers office


I think it means you need to come visit us more often! We miss you!


Of course she needs to show up here more often!
She is dreaming of me! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
But unfortunately I am not the desired one…hehehe!

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hahahahahaha, you are so humorious!

This is the Sequelae for leaving the forum.:joy:

Yes! There are so many challenges in the new job, but chatting with your guys make me relaxing. Lol

Yeah, I remmber that dream! A crazy but motivating dream. I wish I could remember this much detail about my dreams. But I can’t…:joy:

I miss you guys too!

Shht… we should keep our new, deep “love affair” as a real secret! :heart_eyes: :rofl:

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Every dream has a meaning, dreams are images, impressions of thoughts, of life which a person undergoes…

@LouiseHan you were (still are) so dedicated to Anker Community and been reading a lot of messages from the community, and more so from @Chiquinho ( evident from your dream)

I have had lot of dreams, most of which have come true ( :+1: :crossed_fingers: ) … Since we are here on Community, will write one such related to community – I had applied for “We love Testing”, this was for Robovac, this was one on my list for a long time, I had dreamt I would be chosen as one of testers couple of days before the actual tester Announcement… It did come true!


Sometimes even an old man got secret dreams!
I will not tell more here! :rofl:

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@LouiseHan That shows you are very much attached to this community and family, so keep coming here often… it’s good that it’s about @Chiquinho :laughing:

I like this “new” side of you already!!! I know exactly what that means, you are so dedicated to your previous job, lol, that even when you are asleep you can’t help thinking about community members and how to help them!

Sounds like a nightmare lol
Jk jk


Great, I would like to have all this!

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