How to claim what you win



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So I won this contest but haven't heard from anyone. How long should I wait to get the device?


Anker will email you with details and ask for shipping address etc. It can take a while in some cases. If it’s longer than 3-4 weeks I would email anker at

You can also message @AnkerOfficial here on the community. That’s something you can do today :wink:.

Good luck!


Just as @TechMan said :grin:


You will get an email, the more patient you are the better. :grin:


Sometimes it takes a while to get the winning email. If you are getting anxious just contact @AnkerOfficial


And last but not the least....very very important point

Check your email spam / junk folder... To make sure you didn't really miss the email. Gmail / Outlook has the habit of marking these genuine emails as junk item.


LOL I forget to check that sometimes. I just guess, I would get something if I did win either here on the community site or my email.


Hope I wil win and post here :smiley:


It's usually fairly quick, I've had a turnaround of a week or so


Keep us updated. Hope you get the email soon :thumbsup: