How do i earn power bucks?



want to know how i earn power bucks as im new to all this!
love the anker brand and their products!



Well I spent more time than I needed to for a screenshot :sweat_smile:


Just keep visiting the site and commenting on some posts. You’ll be neck deep in powerbucks sooner than you think


If you got to the power draw tab and then how to win it has a bunch of helpful information about the cite how to level up, the rules, and how to get powerbucks


Thanks for the help guys. I will try to be active as much as I can. Good to know what is latest in the tech out there.


Welcome to the community. I’m sure you will enjoy it :sunglasses:


Post threads, like and comment on posts. Easy! :wink::grin:


Welcome to join the community! Here is the link for you to learn:


You may do “point farming” as well, BUT…


@Chiquinho let them learn good things first… :grin:


Thanks to all for the support :grinning:


Let’s not lead people astray :joy:


You don’t earn them they are deposited into our accounts my magic fairies :yum:

The search feature will come in handy for any questions you have - if not, feel free to ask them. You may get someone who knows what they are talking about to respond rather than me, who just talks nonsense :joy:


Same to be honest :joy:


cool so that is how i earn experience points and power bucks