How do I copy files to the Nebula Capsule?

Hello! We just got the Nebula Capsule and love it. Still trying to figure it out and was hoping to get some help.

We have some files on a USB key, which we can attach to the device and play fine, but would really like to copy the files to the device, so we can simplify things when we travel.

We hunted through the apps and menus and don’t see a way to copy the files over to the device.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks and Rgds,

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As far as I know there is no way to store anything on the device itself. It’s meant to be used in connection to usb/usb otg which would hold the files you want to use and watch. The 8gb internal memory itself is mostly for the software and recovery files, and apps that you can install.

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As elmo said, there is no on-board storage. You can:

  1. Connect an HDMI device to it directly
  2. Stream via ScreenCast/ChromeCast
  3. Connect a USB device using - and this is the important bit - a USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable.
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But did you read the manual? :smiley: Because the manual lays out all your options…

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Thank you. Yes read the manual and read from another post about someone doing this, but they did not include the steps.

@nackjf The Capsule has 8GB internal storage (not a full eight but mainly enough for app downloads / content)…the only way I’ve found to copy locally is if you download and install ES File Explorer from the store. Allows you to copy / move from LAN / Cloud / FTP to the local storage…just like an Android Phone :wink:


Thank you! Success!


Ooh good call, I didn’t even think about that as that’s how I move my files around on my phone all the time

@nackjf Thank you so much for purchasing Capsule. We regret to say that Capsule doesn’t support upload files to it via a USB stick.

As tonicboy said, you can:

  1. Connect an HDMI device to it directly
  2. Stream via ScreenCast/ChromeCast
  3. Connect a FAT32 USB stick.

If you have further issue, welcome to contact us.

new firmware supports file copy with built in file manager :slight_smile:


I don’t see any option to copy a file from a USB device onto the Capsule. I’d also tried connecting the capsule to my computer to see if my Mac would see it as a destination I could transfer to. What steps do you need to do to copy files onto the Capsule directly?

Where can I find details on how to “Allows you to copy / move from LAN / Cloud / FTP to the local storage…just like an Android Phone”

nackjf - how did you do it?

Paul - did you find steps that you can forward to me?

Here is the step by step solution:

  1. Use the USB-OTG cable included in the box. This is the short cable that is a Micro-USB on one side and a female USB-A on the other side.
  2. Plug in your USB drive to the the USB-A part of the cable, and the micro usb port to the Nebula projecto
  3. Open the app store on the Nebula, Install and open “ES File Explorer”
  4. Using ES FIle Explorer, browse to the USB drive, select the files you want to copy (using the plus button at the top bar), and copy them. Then browse to the destination location (e.g. Home > Movies) and click on the copied files at the top bar to paste them
  5. Optional - Install VLC from the app store and open it to play the files.

Yes, YOU CAN copy files over, but I have several hours worth of halloween content.
I took my video files and uploaded them to my (private) youtube account. THEN
use the onboard app to play any playlist you like via your youtube account. Yes, it IS streaming, but it it much more flexible than transferring a bunch of files around with VERY limited onboard space. This is the best “wireless option” I’ve found. And as I mentioned, you can upload, make playlists and such, on the fly much easier than messing with a bunch of file transfers.
The other option of course is to use the direct cable, BUT I would ONLY use this INDOORS!
Hope this idea helps. Cheers everyone!

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Is the Capsule different from Capsule Max for USB storage?

The Capsule Max it is trivial, copy video files from a PC to USB stick and insert in Capsule Max and the built-in media player works.

It is also a good idea to upload to media sharing service which the built-in app will play. However, using USB storage has different advantages of you may want a backup of media anyway to protect from drive failure, ransomware etc, and works offline if network is down.