Homevac S11Reach Brush not spinning

Hi all!
I purchased this vacuum in September and love the lightweight fee and different options, but I am having lots of difficulties with the brush spinning. I use it maybe once a week and we don’t have pets (yet!) and after each use I take it out to make sure its clean. in order to make it spin I would have to physically push down on the bottom portion of the vacuum. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Anker | HomeVac S11 Reach


I just had the same problem with my Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity. The main head brush no longer rotated and the LEDs light no longer lit.

I had to open the head by unclipping the plastic at the base of the coupling with the tube; where there are 2 pins used to make the electrical connection with the tube (One screw must be unscrewed and then, just levered the plastic part with a flat screwdriver. Do not hesitate to put some force into it).
Inside, there are 2 wires (red and black) connected on each pin. For me, the black wire was disconnected. I reconnected it by doing a small welding point.

The brush works properly again.

Hope it will helps others ! Cheers