Homebase S380 and Doorbell Dual 2K T8213

I want to connect my Doorbell Dual T8213 with Homebase 3.
Is this possible or must I wait for an update?
Will the update come before end of march?
Currrently I can not connect both (accu full, less then 1m distance, reset and reboot) …
Can not connect via SYNC button and not via APP.

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Schedule for Eufy Security Devices to Be Compatible With S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3)

Note that it’s been delayed several months now.

Works now! Just make sure the homebase 380 firmware is updated and update the phone app too (I didn’t at first and it wouldn’t work without this update) The doorbell will add without any errors.

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Could you tell me what firmware version worked for you with the HomeBzse 3 ?

Also what steps did you precisely do to get it working ?

Yeah install the home base 380 to your house. Then go to update firmware. Click the new home base then the gear at top for settings. Then general, then about device and then check firmware update. I have now after my update. Also update your phone app mine didn’t show an update but when I went to App Store and searched the Eufy app it had update so I did it manually. After that you can install doorbell to it. I also had my dual doorbell already paired with the older home base so I deleted both from my account. And I did a factory reset on the doorbell though I’m not sure that was needed.

for Android: Eufy Security App version 4.6.4
for Homebase 3: Version

  • after update and rebooting (homebase and force shutdown for the App)
  • start the doorbell (power on)
  • open the app press the +
  • select the doorbell and continue as requested

For some reason my S380 won’t update. Keeps saying that is the most current firmware. Is the a way to force an update?

Running into the same problem here with my S380 and T8213. On Android the latest eufy Security App version available from the play store is 4.6.3. From an Apple device I can download the latest eufy Security App version available which is 4.6.4. Unfortunately when trying to update the S380 firmware it is saying it is up to date Current Version: Seems like they still have some work to do to have the T8231 work with the S380 seamlessly even though it is shared publicly stating “fully compatible” today.

Hopefully the eufy support/devolvement team can get this resolved rather sooner than later for everyone.

HB3 firmware won’t update to the latest so I can add 2K Dual Door bell or Video smart lock. Eufy say available but customer service says complete push of update won’t be complete until 5/14. Eufy really does string you along and customer service is no help

The update has been released in the UK today 9th May 2023 on iOS. Added the T8213 successfully.

Anyone know if is it compatible with the wired version?

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Until now the wired version of the dual Doorbell is not (yet?) compatible with the Homebase 3. I am also very interested in when it will be compatible (if ever??) before buying the wired version for our new home.

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