Homebase Offline: Eufycam2 vacation house

I have a Eufy by Anker Eufycam 2 3-Pack, in my vacation house. When I installed it, I noticed that the smallest variation on the internet coverage would switch the system down. The problem is and was that when the internet coverage increased the system wouldn’t reboot again. I had to start from scratch, meaning, I had to do the whole setup again. This was not convenient because cameras were already installed outside in high places. It was very burdensome. I left with the system working as wifi because with the ethernet cable there were more issues.

Today, the provider’s coverage came down, and now the Homebase is offline. The problem is that I’m 2300 km from the house. I don’t want to do a “reset” or anything that makes it worse to solve at distance.

My questions are:

1- how do I solve my immediate problem, i.e, start the homebase at distance.

2- how to prevent or solve the problem of having to do the setup all over again?

This is a strange problem for me, because at my permanent house I have a system Eufy, the first series, the one with a larger homebase-box, and it works fine, even when the electricity goes down and internet also. I can’t understand why eufy 2 doesn’t work as well.

I m having the same issue. Still no answer?