Help with AnkerWork 310 Webcam and zoom in Zoom

Hi there, looking for some help if anyone has faced the same issue… just plugged in my new C310 to my MacBook Pro, opened the AnkerWork app and was able to see and configure the Webcam without issues.

But… when I opened Zoom and triggered the video, it was zoomed, the video showed full blown out, my face covering the whole window.

I have looked in Zoom for some zoom configuration or a combination of settings, but no luck. Tested in Google Meet and found that the video displays normally. For a 4K Webcam, the definition is grainy in Meet, but couldn’t say at this moment if it is the Webcam or a Google Meet issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated, if you know hot to fix the zoom in Zoom issue, TIA!


I am experiencing the same problem. Sadly, I have no solution to offer.

Same issue for Zoom only, and it only started recently within the last two weeks. I am assuming it is a Zoom update that caused the issue. A workaround is to switch frame rate (i.e. from 60 to 30 back to 60) briefly in Anker Work after joining a session, however that isn’t an acceptable long term work around

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I have the same issue as well. For me the video in zoom becomes a portrait mode and I have to rotate it on the Ankerwork app to get it back to normal. This also happened recently.

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Same work around for me…but a pain!!! if i start a meeting i can do it ahead of time but when joining someone else’s meeting i just fumble through apps on the fly:(!

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