Harder to check the community

I made an error and posted a Eufy duplicate thread and then I noticed why, because there are now 5 separate communities.

I have to manually go to Anker / Eufy / Roav / Nebula / Zolo and see each one. There is no rolled-up single place to look.

As sometimes products land in Eufy sometimes not, I’m quite easily able to not notice something!

Is there a fix for this?

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https://community.anker.com/forum has all of them

Was mentioned here as well posts 41 & 42;

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Ahh if you click on the “Forum” on the top it goes to just one of them, not all of them.

Goes to


Not to


Yes which is just one of the many remaining bugs in the system. There are surely more upgrades planned to iron things out.

Or you could just use SEARCH :mag:

Got it, I will communicate with our technicians about the issue.:grin: