Community upgrade happening - how to ignore

Lol you can only milk the point cow so much. XD

Anyone else getting refresh error’s this morning? Had it several times where it’s warns I’ve been logged out and auto refreshes, only for me to remain logged in :confused:

Mainly using Safari on MacOS but had it once in Chrome when testing…

I haven’t had refresh errors but I have had timeout errors when trying to log in from a different phone or my computer.

No… but I keep getting notifications from past notifications that I’ve already checked.

Same here with the notifications, it’s so anoying as it changes from 70 to 80+ notifications. Even if I clear them they still come back

Notification errors have cleared up on mine (after going through 100+ including unread threads)… refresh error seems to be for entering threads and occasional replies on mine;

Yes many times.

I get “you have been logged out” but haven’t actually.

Login timeout but are logged in.

Refresh fixes but still hiccups.

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I’m getting random page refreshes, but I’m not seeing log out messages.

Keep getting random

I agree, it does seem a lot slower, especially when scrolling down to load new threads.

Had it yesterday and today

Seems this post blow up

I’m not feeling this change. We don’t need the name and the avatar hyperlinks. I much preferred the name bigger and bolder like it was before.

Not bothered about the Level showing though.

Was wondering if we needed a community category? This doesn’t quite fit under the brands.

What if we wanted to talk about us and not the products?

What if it was someone birthday and we (YOU) wanted to say Happy Birthday to a Liverpool fan for example??? Where would we put that??

Just a thought

Now why would anyone want to do that :grin:

Stuff like that would be best kept to the general section at the moment.

Liking some of the more recent updates, such as thread info, suggested topics based on keywords, post numbers and levels under avatars…good for helping new and seasoned members alike :smile:

Would be good if the suggested topics could also activate while creating a topic/thread…

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@AnkerTechnician please revert to how it was before in terms of being able to view all the brands. If I push forum I don’t want to see just Anker. Then if we want to filter it down we can.

Seconded…thought it seemed quiet when I checked this morning only to find that each section had some new posts / updates, not the best for moderating…

Another suggestion for today would be for more space between a replied icon and the ‘reply as a linked topic’, almost caught several times this morning…

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Oops, I didn’t realize this either! Yes, it would be better to see the Unread posts of all subforums in one place like before.

Hi @TechnicallyWell, @joshuad11, @ndalby, @Oggyboy,

This page need more time to optimize, and we have modified, but we haven’t released the latest version yet, so forget about the current page, you will see a new, clean and uncluttered page in a few days later.:grin: