Go without Cleaning for 60 Days! Up to $120 off - eufy Clean

Hey eufy fans… are you sick of cleaning up dust?

Vacuum your home without getting your hands dirty. The G40+ Self-Empty Station helps you clean and store dust for up to 60 days. Keep the dust away with Triple Dust Filtration and Allergy Care.

Learn more about your home’s newest pal that keeps your home dust and dirt free with its 2500 Pa robust suction power. Equipped with Smart Navigation 2.0, which will cover hard floors and carpets, and control the G40+ through your smartphone! The G40+ really lets you sit back and spend quality time at home.

What are you waiting for? Start your 60 days dust-free today!

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And who cleans the brushes and the filter?
Or are there now more and no more cleaning of these equipment is needed? :laughing:

And last but least :
The cost of these bags (Lasting 60 days, means 6 bags per year)
and what material these bags are made from?
I do really hope paper ONLY!

Seems the handle of this bag are plastic , or hopefully I am wrong?

And of course : THROW IT AWAY, :roll_eyes:

If I clean my old 11S there is NOTHING I have to throw away! :money_mouth_face:

PS : What if one cleans this bag carefully, saving money an keeps plastic pollution low.

PPS: I am not a ideologically blinded “Green”!