Glass fibre

Today I will get glass fibre cable laid into our house.

In München a huge worldwide know city!:grinning:
Now its done.
What a wonder.

The romanian boys are digging!

But only the transfer point will be installed in the basement for free.
The rest?
The tubes for cables in our old house are not useable to pull in such cables.
So chiseling up the walls must have to be done,
The old copper connection is fine.
We dont have much traffic.
So we keep old styled.
What else the Neanderthalers should do :grinning:


I got fiber a few years ago; I ended up running two Ethernet drops. However with the advancement of mesh wireless systems wifi coverage gives sufficient speeds for my needs.


I keep the copper connection.
The router is located in the ground floor and covers the whole house pretty good.
If there is a problem I can use the WIFI of my neighbors,
If I check the speed of my connection from Telekom, I pay for the bitrate which is offered in the contract…

Recently some 4 months ago we too had same, reason being copper wires were damaged and they want it to upgrade. Speed is really very fast compared to the older one.

I am like 200 feet from being able to have access to Fiber cables.

Oh man; have you tried to make a bargain with the ISP to pay for a partial line? I’ve got a buddy that was able to sign a contract for three years at a certain rate then they agreed to install the drop.

Otherwise he was going to be on a very unreliable 3mbps dsl connection.

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You should ask the company to lay a cable to your house.
May be you could dig the ditch by yourself
This all was made by the company here for free incl the connection from the main cable to the house.
Two boys from Romania were digging. a narrow ditch ca 10 meters long and 40cm deep.
Then they drilled a hole in the wall and now the cable is in the basement
and I can decide what I will do.

Of course I offered the hardworking diggers coffee and a snack.
Beer was not allowed!:grin:

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3MBps is really not useable.
Here I can chose between different providers (Telekom, Vodafone) ect
And they offer different tarifs with different speed.

We have a “small” one from Telekom which is totally sufficient for us.

EXCITING! I don’t even know what I’m on. I do have a mesh system though. And speeds are more than sufficient for my household. Glass is fast!

Speed can be easily checked by a speedtest.
This is important for customers with contracts offerings a certain speed rate of up- and download


This is approximately the performance our tarif offers.

  • MagentaZuhause M: 39,95 Euro | 50 Mbps im Download | 10 Mbps im Upload.
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