Giveaway - eufy Clean: Win a Robot Vacuum and More!

What’s been the cause of your most recent rough day?

Bad mood? Holes in your socks? Late for work? What was that negative moment you wish you could just vacuum away? :broom::dash:


Well, while a eufy vacuum may not be able to repair those holes in your socks or get you to work on time, it could certainly help you say bye to some of those bad vibes and make your day more stress free!

So how about a chance to win one?? :eyes:

Enter our TikTok duet challenge #CleanOutNegativity to win BIG prizes, including Robo Vacuums, Handheld Vacuums, and website coupons!

If the prizes above get you excited, read through the instructions below for all you need to know about entering the challenge :star_struck:

Challenge Details & Instructions


  1. Entries close @ 23:59pm EDT on July 5th (2022)
  2. The winners of Handheld and Robot Vacuums will be announced between July 6th and July 13th (2022)
  3. All prize winners will be contacted individually via private message on TikTok

How to Enter:

  1. Follow eufy Clean on TikTok - @eufyClean
  2. Create your video with our #CleanOutNegativity duet template
  3. Post your Duet with the hashtag #CleanOutNegativity
  4. Earn as many likes as you can before the giveaway closes - the more likes you get, the better prizes there are to win!

For more help understanding how to enter, you can view this page or watch this video :grinning:

And that’s about it!

Here’s to vacuuming away your negative moments and bringing some extra joy to your everyday life.

We can’t wait to see all of your duet tiktoks and find out who’s going to win the prizes outlined above :eyes:

Please let us know if you have any questions in the replies below, and with that, best of luck and let’s #CleanOutNegativity !! :tada:


Sounds like an entertaining idea.

I’ll leave tiktok off of my phone and let others compete for this one though.


Never will use such Tuktuk.

So let others win. :rofl:


I tried uploading a video to my tick-tock but couldn’t locate a port to connect my phone!



as much as i would love a chance to win the robot vacuum I don’t have a tiktok nor do I really have any desire to get one personally so ill have to sit this one out and wish everyone else who ends up trying out good luck


I found it! :rofl:

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Would love a chance, but not really worth the privacy invasion.

TikTok collects all kinds of information:

  • Your smartphone’s hardware (CPU type, hardware IDs, screen size, dpi, memory usage, storage space, etc.);
  • Other apps installed on your device;
  • Network information (IP, local IP, your router’s MAC address, your device’s MAC address, the name of your Wi-Fi network);
  • Whether your device was rooted/jailbroken
  • Location data, through an option that’s turned on automatically when you give a post a location tag (only happens on some versions of TikTok);

Upon closer inspection of TikTok’s privacy policy, one can conclude that the company behind the app is allowed to hand over all user data to both commercial parties and governments. “We will share your information with law enforcement agencies, public authorities or other organizations if legally required to do so, or if such use is reasonably necessary to comply with legal obligation, process or request.”


I am not surprised about this.
We all know where this unsocial media has been developed. :grin:

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I am wondering if Tiktoc is paying Anker for the competition, directly or indirectly?

Why would you come to an Anker site and direct them to some unrelated site?


Could also just be to spread the word about the competition TikTok is probably a big social media platform for them and they are hoping the more people that go to enter the more popular their videos will be and the more they will be recommended to others.

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My assumption is that they are primarily focused on trying to get viral videos on tiktok - if they get even one, this is absolutely worth it to them for the exposure. Much bigger audience.


All what you said my friends is correct.
We know about these connections so we will NEVER use this.

I was reading an article about “take took” now.
This confirmed my decision! NEVER!

btw I don’t use all other unsocial media.


No Zuckerzwerg, his fakebook and that Zwitter.
All are the same.
Stealing, commercialising and selling your private data
Those Zuckerzwergs & friends do this only for the other side!


No TikTok here. Good luck.

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Grats on the win for second place.

Just saw your name posted on Twitter

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Cheers Duane! @Duane_Lester

I braved it and had my first ever go at Tiktok - didn’t have a clue what I was doing!! :sweat_smile:

Just looked at that Twitter list and so shocked by such a small list of names considering all the entries/prizes available - looking at them have to say I have a few opinions/views I won’t discuss here - I’ve learnt a lot about Tiktok over the last week or so as had no knowledge before! :unamused: :confounded:


Eufy community has another contest. I would try that one as well with your recent luck. Lol