Give your Product Ideas to Anker

So I am starting this topic because I am a big fan of Anker and have some suggestions for them to create new products. I will post my suggestions below and you simply reply with your ideas. If you post a reply please like this post as well.

My ideas:
Smart Devices - I’m getting more and more interested in purchasing smart devices for my home. Since Anker already has a foot in electric devices I would suggest they get involved in “Smart Devices” Ideally it would be compatible with something like Amazon Echo. Alexa works with a lot of smart devices already.

I cannot find a good smart switch to control my ceiling fan w/ integrated light fixture. All I find is light switches and power outlets as well as light bulbs. A Ceiling Fan with light fixture switch would be great for me since my home has a fan in almost every room.

Post and reply away!

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I would agree with you.
Home automation from Anker - the present brand would suggest a good and rugged product.
Could the start be in media integration?

  • Entry phone
  • Alarm
  • terrestrial TV source
  • satellite TV source
  • IPTV
  • Radio
  • telephony (IP and copper)
  • internet
  • electricity from/to grid and from solar/wind
  • piping of information around the building
  • etc.

Not a ‘new’ product per-se but i am desperate to find a USB charging cable that charges well and actually lasts more than six months. I have tried many manufacturers’ cables and every single one has let me down.

I’d love to see Anker battery cases for phones. A 10,000+ mAh Anker battery that’s built in to a phone case and plugs in to the phone charging port.

I woudl like Anker to make Headtorch !


A power station where you could connect your phone and battery at the same time that it could be for samsung,LG,iphones but it would be cool to see

Do you mean dual output? That is already a thing!

A Apple to Android headphone/volume adapter would be a huge seller. Most high-end headphones remote/microphones are only capable of controlling Apple devices it would be nice to have an adapter on the end of the cable when plugging into Android devices. I’m sure other manufacturers sell these but I am unable to find them on Amazon or Google.

I have an idea that would make money so I’d rather not give it away

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I second the ceiling fan switch! Everyone makes lighting controls, but no ceiling fan control.

I would also say a cheap but functional smart thermostat.

Just like Trump & his secret plans to defeat isis :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ve posted an idea here before but I have another one. Since I have been part of the Boy Scouts of America and taken my children camping a lot within the last couple of years I have used the Power banks with great success. Now I would like to suggest using a combination of products to make a new one. I would like to see a camping tent made with solar panels built into it, a large battery bank and high speed USB ports built into the inside of the tent. I would also like to see a built in LED light that illuminates the tent from the inside and also a built in speaker to play music through. You can charge the tent before camping and you can also keep it charged while pitching it in the sunlight.

I have an idea for a new generation of powerbanks: how about powerbanks with replaceble 18650 batterys?

They re in so many thing, my Vaper has 3 batterys, all my flashlights, etc.

So in case if the powerbank is out of charge, u can took the batteries out of the vaper, put it in the powerbank and charge your phone or whatever.

And for exampel, if i charge 4 18650 (3500mah) batterys in my nitecore charger, they re full in 3 hours: that make a capacety of 14.000mah. More quickly then charging a 14.000mah powerbank with built-in batterys.

What do you guys think?

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Great idea, but I see a flaw in that people will buy cheap 18650 batteries and when something ok ng g ok es wrong they will blame the batterypack before they blame it on the batteries, thus tarnishing a great reputation. Even worse, if someone used unregulated batteries its use can be catastrophic

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yeah but as we know anker, they could built in a protect aganinst cheap/false batterys. And think the Anker fans are smart enough to put only the best in their products :yum:

We all have been using power banks since a lot of tine and they are a huge success as they provide us charge wherever we might me. Also, they are very handy but sometimes we might not just need charge in a device which has a usb cable, we might require a whole switch which can connect adapters as in a laptop. Or maybe sometimes we’d need a switch to use some devices such as a hair straightener, an iron, etc… things that can only be used when connected to a switch and we don’t find switches everywhere in the world. So for this reason i would like to give an idea of a ‘portable switch’ or a ‘power switch’. A switch where we can charge it for a required period of time and then can be used for devices that has adapters that need to be connected to a power supply.

Anker produces the “PowerHouse” line of products that performs what you want. However, since an iron can use up to 1200Watts of power, the devices have to be large to accommodate the power needs.

Why didn’t anybody, including Anker, king of chargers, come up with a compact wallcharger for electric scooters, as in 42v 2amps. The standard ones are gigantic and I’m happy to pay 50-70 bucks for a compact one that is handy to use on public transport. As in, wall charger and a 2 meter cable. A red/green light for charging and maybe an extra USB-A and/or C would be fantastic. Doesn’t anyone own a scooter? I mean they’re booming and Anker should pioneer this

Here in München are many of those scooters around.
On every corner one finds one.
Those are serviced by the companies renting them.