Get Your Hands on Capsule 3 Laser

Hey Nebula fans,

Get ready to embark on the next laser adventure with Nebula Capsule 3 Laser. The next generation of the Capsule series can go anywhere and is now packed with laser-powered brightness and HD detail.

And if your backpack’s full with all your gear, you can just carry Capsule 3 Laser in your hands.

What are you waiting for?

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I’ve never tried any of the projectors from anker yet, but I do know how good laser projectors can be. With the usual anker quality I would expect this one to be pretty decent.

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I have the Capsule Max.

I’d suggest without any reviews, to view these as portable / temporary situations, for darkened room, but for static installations there are alternatives brighter , sharper, lower cost.

Projectors have a challenge that a flat panel doesn’t have. They focus the production of light into a narrow spot (the projector) which means either a lot of heat so you need a fan to remove, or lower resolution, or dimmer. They then have the issue that what you eye sees is a reflection so you get diffraction so the image quality can never be as good.

So I’d suggest you think more about the context, if portability is critical, or it has to be temporary, then a projector has advantages. Otherwise…

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I’d second that.