+++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++

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YOU ARE SMART! … I could have come up with that myself :nerd:

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UPDATE of the TO-DO List

Point 3 has been changed from:

Adjustable TIMESTAMP format, i.e. to switch from current american format
YYYY MMM DD HH:MM:SS (12h format) to worldwide 24h format
DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS (24h format)


Adjustable TIMESTAMP date format (TIMESTAMP time format already done by eufy),
to be able to switch from current american format
YYYY MMM DD (i.e. 2019 June 02) to
DD.MM.YYYY (i.e. 02.06.2019)

(see first post - link: +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++)

Moved to the DONE section:

  • DONE Adjustable TIMESTAMP time format, i.e. to switch from current (12h format) to (24h format)

UPDATE of the TO-DO List

Moved to the DONE section:

  • DONE: Add the option and possibility to choose if the mic is enabled or disabled by default, if starting a live stream! (By default it is disabled actually and at least for me it is annoying to every time enable mic manually) So let the customer choose and set whatever and how they like it to be.

Comment: Very nice, this was implemented/fixed fast, thanks @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial :thumbsup:
Just noticed that the mic (sound) at the livestream is now enabled by default since last update.


Hi, yamyam, we are extremely interested in your suggestions and summary of your questions.

  • eufyCam’s activity zone feature has been supported, please download the latest version to use. We are currently working on multi-language support and development, so these feature updates are being put on hold.

  • The snooze feature will be launched around the end of July, please stay tuned!

  • As for your other feature requirements, we will evaluate them as soon as possible and give you a synchronized version update plan.

Thank you very much for your attention to detail and support for the eufycam. We truly appreciate it and will get back to you soon!


Lot of users are waiting for this feature. Hope you stay on July time lines , we can always wait for a month.

Also, the zones need to be flexible, multi-point polygon (a rectangle is not suitable for everyone), similar to the feature in newly released Eufy video doorbell. Hope this would be a quick fix as you already figured it out.

Finally, Thanks for listening @AnkerSupport :+1:

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Whats going on with the dates on this thread? Early in the thread the date stamp say Aug 2019… it’s still June

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

:musical_score: The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind … the answer is blowing in the wind. :notes:

@TheDude … uhm … but interesting to notice that your attention is paid more
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No eufy cam=IDGAF

Care about the forum though😁

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You are welcome! I hope i could answer your question to your satisfaction.

IDGAF = I Do Gare About Forum?! :wink:

Precisely :grin:

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As you should know, i already know about it as several of us already complained about it at the same day it has been published :smile:

In the current version of the activity zones for eufy cam they are completely useless for me! (and others too) … the activity zones for eufy cam should exactly work and be flexible as the one you made for the doorbell!

As @Ice1 already hit the nail on the head:

I just can’t understand why releasing (in my eyes) kind of useless and crude activity zones for the eufy security cam, while you do it correctly and perfect directly at the doorbell?!

Has there been so many timegap between AZ for eufy cam and AZ for doorbell, that the first “try” for eufy cam fails and then you overworked it and made it correctly for the doorbell?

Or why are both AZ-systems so much different? :thinking:

@AnkerSupport Can you please confirm that the activity zones for eufy cam will be overworked and as same flexible, cool, perfect and usefull as for the soorbell? And can you say how long it will take? I am really waiting for those AZ for eufy cam very long and really really need them badly … so you can imagine how big my disappointment has been as the AZ for eufy cam got released in their current version :disappointed:

Thanks! :kissing_heart:


Thanks @yamyam :ok_hand: It can’t be any more detailed, laid in terms of Eufy/Anker… Hope you understand what we are talking about? @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport

Customizing Zones as described in these pictures is effective and works as intended (as you explained), but why didn’t you provide these settings to the eufycam???

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Already said and explained some times in other threads, but here to remind you:

In addition to the previous posts it is IMPORTANT :bangbang: to understand, that we not only need more flexible activity zone possibilities like given at the doorbell (and not just a simple quare like at the eufy cam!), we also and additionaly need the option that videos are only recorded and notifications are only sent, when motion is detected IN BETWEEN THE DEFINED activitiy zone:bangbang:

The current “activitiy zone squares” at the eufy cam are not only a bad joke and not realistic in regular real life environments and settings, they are also still recording even if motion is detected OUTSIDE the defined activity zones! :open_mouth:

Ok, maybe there are some people who like and need it this way, but i guess most if us and i need it this way - simple and easy:

  1. As freely as possible to set activity zones with at much “zone points” to realize all possible geometrical forms which occur in real life , like seen above at the illustration for the doorbell. This would be ok already and much better than any current version for the eufy cam!
  2. Videos should only be recorded and notifications sent, when motion is detected IN THE DEFINED activity zones. If motion is detected outside, NOTHING SHOULD HAPPEN!

I hope you understand what i (we) mean and can confirm that you will update the activity zones for eufy cam as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Im definately looking forward to a snooze feature. I sometimes get home a few hours earlier from work then I have my schedule setup. Right now I have to manually set it to my home setting on those days and then remember to turn it back to my custom schedule later on. A customizable snooze feature would allow me to just hit snooze on those days I got home earlier and not have to switch security profiles.

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Any other mod around who can adjust the timestamp of the first post to the current date so i can
edit the list again? Thanks! :kissing_heart:

You can ask @TechnicallyWell or @AnkerOfficial

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Thx, but not working, date of the post is still 2 June.
If you set it to 9 August i can edit it again for x days.