FX3800 charging and using

So I have a FX3800 with 3 x 400w Solar panels.
I’m thinking of adding 1 or 2 of the battery add ons and an additional 3 x 400w solar panels.

My question is , I have a 1.5hp Hayward 208 variable pool pump operating on my pool.
In order to run this from the FX3800 il need to out put the 240v out to a panel to then feed the nema 5-20p twist lock.

I’ve seen conflicting reports that I cannot keep charging the batteries and F3800 using the 6 solar panels while outputting on the 240 outlet?
This would defeat the purpose of having solar to charge during the summer while also running the pump .
Can you confirm?
I know if charging from the home outlet at 120v then it can only output via the 120v at the same time.

Additionally is there a user manual or wiring manual available for the new home panel , id like to know what that does and how that could be used with a larger solar array in terms of day to day use



You can recharge via solar while also using the 240v. The issue might be how quickly your system will recharge via solar. Is it enough to keep up with the pump’s draw?

We have a video on the install of the HPP here.