Hi it seems that I need a IP address and or a TCP port number to add my new floodlight camera to my Virgin HUB 1 . Eufy suggested my firewall could be blocking its wi fi signal and suggests I add it to my firewall . Is this what I need to do ?


Hey @srw1234
I dint have any security products but if Eufy support are suggesting that, I would give it a try.

Keep us updated with your progress.

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In general if someone said that to me I’d be very cautious but then I’m a geek and wouldn’t ask the question. :nerd_face:

I think they’re meaning the ISP or the router is not allowing the outgoing connection to whatever external IP the unit is trying to connect. So rather than look up the ISP and the router (the best way to begin) then they are suggesting a crude alternative.

I’d dig deeper into the setting of the router and it’s log files, I’d look at why the unit isn’t working.

Blocking WiFi signal is gibberish in same sentence as firewall. WiFi signal is the LAN connection, firewall is the WAN outgoing / incoming.

@srw1234 I recall reading a few different articles on virgin media forums about issues with security products working with the VM Hubs 1 thru 3 (due to dual 2.4/5Ghz), also had issues myself with Asus routers where disabled LAN access for SSID impacted on device setup.

Have you tried enabling / creating a guest SSID (2.4Ghz) on your VM hub for testing to see if setup can complete?

Appreciate this is an old thread though wanted to quickly add the two possible solutions for this:

Problem 1: Virgin Media Hub’s firewall blocking connection to Eufy Server

Symptom 1: Able to connect to cameras or Eufy Homebase when on home WIFI network, though not able to connect to cameras/Homebase away from home (not on same wifi network).

Solution 1: Disable IP Flood Protection. Login to your Virgin Media Hub (login details on the back of the Hub) > Go to Advance Settings > Security > Firewall > [Turn Off] IP flood detection > Apply Changes.


Problem 2: Eufy Standalone Cameras / Homebase not connecting to WIFI reliably

Symptom 2: Homebase not able to connect to home WIFI Network / long delays when accessing videos / livestreams.

Solution 2: As others have said this is most likely down to your Virgin Media Hub broadcasting both a 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ wireless signal under the same name. Eufy devices work on 2.4GHZ and the presence of the 5GHZ network confuses them. Your options are to disable the 5GHZ network (Login to VM Hub > Advanced Settings > Wireless > Wireless Signal > Disable 5GHZ) or buy a secondary router / WIFI extender, attached to your VM Hub with an ethernet cable, and setup a separately named 2.4GHZ WIFI network just for devices like Eufy.