FCC Soundcore first Bluetooth 5.2 wireless earbuds A3926

Right https://fccid.io/2AOKB-A3926R
And left https://fccid.io/2AOKB-A3926L

I could probably find more if I dug around in the test report, but for now just a heads up.

So that’s two FCC buds to become public, the A3930 and these.

I’d expect these to cost and do more as BT 5.2 does a lot more.

5.2 implies Qualcomm, implies AptX and higher cost. 5.2 allows for the wireless buds to talk more efficiently which will extend battery life, but most here don’t yet own a 5.2 phone so most won’t benefit.

Just placeholder we can discuss nearer release time I’m already wondering when these get bought a claim of “doesn’t work” from a BT 5 phone owner pops up…


I dont know which devices support that bt 5.2 yet.
But as long it compatible with lower bt versions, why not-
These “innovations” are always an argument to sell things better.
Doesn’t matter if there is any real benefit for the customers.

5.2 allows for the lower energy to transmit more data so better battery life.

It allows more of a mesh where say a source can be connected to multiple destinations. Would be good for say hard of hearing folks to connect to a BT source to listen better.

But for me this means newer chipset so newer everything.

"Newer issues! " :rofl:

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Please don’t take me wrong here… I think I now understand why Anker / Soundcore mention of the T&C / ToS

Users on community or internet, when they see new product details on Official Community pages with FCC details (not many are interested to go and see these on FCC page… its only patent lawyers or company officials or some handful of enthusiasts) published on newer headsets supporting newer BT versions/ new products and features, they sort of “tend” to hold off on buying the “current” list of products.

So this has 2 outcomes:

  1. Prospective customers dont buy the product and wait for “newer / yet to be released” product, if at all, it sees the light of the day. So, less business for companies, which is not good for any company running a business.

  2. If these are not released on time, these users are frustrated when the product is being discussed, we have so many examples of “yet to be released” products discussed on Anker, and only to have missed dates by months, (& years may be)

On the Positive side, users get to know what’s in pipeline …

I see both sides, but if you block it one place, it gets discussed anyway somewhere else (as well).

At least all I’m saying is what Anker has said, no more, no less.

By your argument, Anker should NEVER hint at a new product coming as it would harm sales. And yet they usually do hint a couple of weeks ahead. So when they do it is good but not when someone else does?

Something is coming, but something is always coming, with no reviews no idea of pros cons price. So purchase decisions either are early and riskier or later with more knowledge.

The key point for this BT 5.2 it’s a first and as almost no-one has 5.2 it’s going to be more about what else is in the chipset when it’s out.

My guess is Qualcomm hence AptX.

None have mentioned time. But it’s average 6 weeks, the Q35 was 7 weeks.

Cool, I hope we get to see them soon

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Update A3926 is the Liberty Neo 2

Soundcore Japan listing

Full specs there

App support


Hands on here

On Anker Japan too