FCC Soundcore A3167 / A3167V / A3167J - Flare Mini variants

Wonder how the q35 will differ from the life tune pro they even look similar to the life tune Xr

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yea i couldn’t find anything about Tune Pro at all. Tried searching around and was nowhere to be found

The A3027 Q35 FCC listing had also the A3030 - said to be identical. That is probably the offline version. If you’re wondering why online and offline versions, one theory is it helps stores get around price matching, the Q35 can be discounted but the in-store identical version under a different name doesn’t have to match the price as its a “different product”.

I don’t know what the A3030 is called. You’d be able to spot it due to LDAC as its the only one which has. Agree the Life Tune Pro looks identical to Q35 just from screenshot.

I remain puzzled what is the benefit to anyone of yet another “what’s the difference between …?”.

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Does anyone here think it’s a good thing to have so many Soundcore products so similar?

I suggest with the current poor documentation it is bad as it adds confusion, but if Soundcore did a decent table of differences so someone could read across what is critical for them, and then make an informed decision, then it’s less bad?

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Yea based on how things are currently, I would rather like less products that were clearly distinct. If they launch a successor (say a year later), I would rather have them name it like {name} + # and # being 1-9 or whatever if that makes sense

:rofl: I guess we should get ready for potential Liberty air 2 variants that was coming in a year give or take before you know it.

"Which mini do you have… oh the mini with the auto pause when you pick up the device… Ok… that will not sync with the mini variant with LDAC nor the min with the cell phone connection… but it will connect to the mini mini due to that has partycast . LOL.

(remember this is only a pun. Only a pun…)


Well I wonder if they swap staff between Soundcore and Eufy so the speaker starts playing someone else’s music?

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Lol don’t give them ideas :joy:

Ok well want if they swapped staff between Eufy and Soundcore and all Partycast speakers acted as Sirens?

Patent pending ®

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This would be a siren that will allow to wake up all in a circle of 10km. :smile:


Ok what about it Eufy and Soundcore swapped engineering and the Partycast speakers in Australia went off when someone walked past in USA?

If they do that we won’t see any more treads asking for a siren lol

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Flare Mini they added in prior app now dropped in current app.

This does add to the sense they are tripping themselves up making release mistakes due to so many product releases.

I didn’t see the L2P+ appear and then disappear but others said they did.

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I’m not sure if they are doing it as a teaser to get us talking and wondering or if it’s things not being launched when they expected or just simple mistake of adding it to the app in the first place. I had the L2P+ in and update a while ago but only on iOS and not android and a day later they launched another update to remove so it’s life on the app was limited to if you saw the download in the one day span and downloaded it

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If they did want us to talk about it they’d not suspend folks for doing it.

Seems only the teasers they do are permitted.

No I think it’s just plain error from their app team not timing with their marketing with their supply.

To test the app there will be a beta stream that select play store accounts can see, typically beta testers don’t talk.

My only concern is the support, that these are adequately beta tested, not just by superficial basic tests, so launch doesn’t then show bugs, that the user manual is well written, not printed on a postage stamp, and the sale listings is clear.

Who wins the prize of guessing the date that a new thread pops up basically saying “I heard good things about the new Flare Mini and I can’t get it to connect in the app, please help”, because there are two Flare Mini and the original listing isn’t edited to state the difference.


the only thing i see sticking around is Liberty Neo 2 which came back a couple days ago and is still on the app

The Neo 2 is selling now in Japan, the Q20+ and the new A3167 3 versions, is arriving soon, at least in Japan.


@ktkundy I saw your post

I’d be amazed if the new Flare Mini is also MicroB, I’d expect it to be USBC so waiting for that to appear, a USBC Flare Mini.

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I would hope all the upgrades like the new flare mini and the q20+ all have usb c because sporting micro now just feels like it would be a step back

The Japanese FCC doesnt withhold information, there’s photos, but only of the a3167, not the J or V models which are electronics identical so they must be only different in say lights or battery size.

The A3167 looks identical to original to my eyes?

Source https://giteki.lang-ship.com/204-B00363

3 files, first one is photos, 2nd 3rd test reports.


Is the photos, screenshots from it below.


2021 a new product and flipping MicroB !!!

The revision of the original Flare Mini A3167 is still MicroB, which is going to make it difficult to know which version you’re buying.

The other two a3167J A3167V, I don’t know, hopefully USBC.

The Q20+ is USBC

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